Server configuration files for the game Xonotic. Feat. multiple game modes and balance conventions each.
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sv_public 1
sv_status_privacy 1
hostname "/v/ Xonotic Server (NA Pacific, $g_xonoticversion)"
sv_motd "Welcome.\nCheck for Xonotic threads on /v/ for playing times and upcoming events.\nPolling for scheduled weekend playing times begins on Wednesdays.\n\n^xf00All modes except CTS have a warmup stage. Ready up if you are."
maxplayers 16
log_file "server.log"
g_maplist ""
g_maplist_shuffle 1
gametype dm
g_warmup_majority_factor 0.5
alias allgt_vote "sv_vote_commands \"restart fraglimit chmap gotomap nextmap endmatch reducematchtime extendmatchtime allready kick cointoss movetoauto shuffleteams"\"
alias cagt_vote "sv_vote_commands \"restart fraglimit chmap gotomap nextmap endmatch reducematchtime extendmatchtime allready kick cointoss movetoauto"\"
// Disable respawn delay for defragging.
// The timer will show up, but it is disregarded by pressing/holding space.
g_cts_respawn_delay_small -1
g_cts_respawn_delay_large -1
// Fall damage and weapon self damage disabled
g_cts_selfdamage 0
// Kill players more timely after they finished.
g_cts_finish_kill_delay 2
// g_playerclip_collisions are turned off for CTS because some mappers were
// putting invisible walls at the spawn and blocking the map from being finishable.
alias sv_defaultXon "g_playerclip_collisions 1; g_balance_kill_antispam 1; g_start_delay 15; g_powerups -1; g_warmup 1; g_norecoil 0; g_shootfromeye 0; g_spawnshieldtime 1;"
alias sv_defaultXDF "g_playerclip_collisions 0; g_balance_kill_antispam 0; g_start_delay 3; g_powerups 0; g_warmup 0; sv_friction_slick 0;"
// For cts have defrag physics, all others get vanilla,
// Essentially set things for defrag and then unset for everything else.
// Note: it is possible to "exec defaultXDF.cfg, but it's not clear what file would unset defrag
// (and no it's not defaultXonotic.cfg).
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_all "exec physicsX.cfg; exec balance-xonotic.cfg; sv_defaultXon; allgt_vote"
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_cts "exec physicsXDF.cfg; exec bal-wep-xdf.cfg; sv_defaultXDF"
// Disable powerups because in FT it becomes a matter of which team has spawned near Strength.
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_ft "g_powerups 0"
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_ca "cagt_vote"
set sv_vote_gametype_xpmdm_type dm
set sv_vote_gametype_xpmdm_name "Deathmatch (XPM)"
set sv_vote_gametype_xpmdm_description "Deathmatch with Pro Mode configurations and rules. (Testing - need feedback)"
alias sv_vote_gametype_hook_xpmdm "exec physicsX.cfg; exec balance-xpm.cfg; g_norecoil 1; g_shootfromeye 1; g_spawnshieldtime 0;"
sv_vote_gametype 1
sv_vote_gametype_options "dm tdm ctf ca ft lms kh cts ka xpmdm"
rcon_password "tfwnopwkek"
g_maplist_votable 9
sv_vote_call 1
sv_curl_defaulturl ""
//sv_curl_defaulturl ""