19 Commits (4a2f3130944293924e284b9113cf2c8f8dbd395d)

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   cb48e083bb Pattern rules now follow quake style mapping names (author, mode, map#) 3 years ago
   4a5043de00 Added new maps 3 years ago
   bbef1dea6b Added maps and fixed dowload link for blackcathedral 3 years ago
   50bcab167d Corrected tatmt maps and added voll 4 years ago
   b8c107c799 Updated links to serve to clients 4 years ago
   baa39b1fad alphabetical ordering of map names & some maplist additions 4 years ago
   6fbfc0d9be Fixed download link for inder maps. 4 years ago
   2ad8b548f2 Added Shining Forces, Accident, and Boil to maplist 4 years ago
   5caa132cd9 Added maps 4 years ago
   80ff59bfca Added new maps 4 years ago
   81f345dc21 Added Aerowalk versions and new CTF maps 4 years ago
   a972f95711 Added new maps to the server 4 years ago
   9ead8834f9 Added new CTS maps 4 years ago
   584428c7d6 Added new maps 4 years ago
   bef15d01a6 Added new maps to the server. 4 years ago
   ec5667a3bf Clean up 4 years ago
   2122e2d6f7 Added new maps to server 4 years ago
   9782a48410 No more CTS maps in DM, and DM maps in CTF 4 years ago
   373d4ab643 Changed fallback url, changed default slick 4 years ago