108 Commits (4a2f3130944293924e284b9113cf2c8f8dbd395d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   4a2f313094 Added note about maintenance horu & generalized web leaderboards 3 years ago
   ecd2850146 Set 1337 bots on start up 3 years ago
   c4a88c5894 Bot count properly updated on change to duel mode 3 years ago
   cb48e083bb Pattern rules now follow quake style mapping names (author, mode, map#) 3 years ago
   4f0c5be8d6 Moved warmup limit out of file. 3 years ago
   120c577c30 Gave original warm-up period in XPM, but kept shortened warm-up for defaults 3 years ago
   77724497c1 Moved XPM's disabling of powerups to duel only 3 years ago
   4a5043de00 Added new maps 3 years ago
   5dffdaae64 Added to-file weapon usage statistics to komier-weapons cfg's 3 years ago
   89e5ffc397 sv_xon resets overtime to sudden death, from XPM 3 years ago
   8833a3cd97 Adjusted quantity of bots 3 years ago
   671ad01c26 Moved respawn delay from server.cfg 3 years ago
   c13da4dc8b Reduced warm up time and added start-of-session message regarding it. 3 years ago
   f02d27276f Cleaned up voting options 3 years ago
   153f6ae56a Freed motd variables after MOTD is set 3 years ago
   d2c60d8301 Simplified logic behind MOTDs 3 years ago
   e93a417075 Removed camper crossings from all map lists except ctf 3 years ago
   f207fc481d Overtime replaces sudden death for XPM tie resolution 3 years ago
   821c9625dd Fixed +xpm +/-bots vcall availability 3 years ago
   bbef1dea6b Added maps and fixed dowload link for blackcathedral 3 years ago
   7f3fadbe92 Added server bots 4 years ago
   7502986f85 Changed rule regarding spectators chat 4 years ago
   08664910e7 Added CTS map and specified playerclip collisions for it. 4 years ago
   619cc7f717 Disabled buffs for CTS 4 years ago
   ba499a0420 Added in-game XPM voting 4 years ago
   2522625ce3 Added reset to default from XPM's ready after restart. 4 years ago
   50bcab167d Corrected tatmt maps and added voll 4 years ago
   2ac45663a5 Client side r_water 4 years ago
   586441430b Updated for April 4 years ago
   2bbbcf66af Set maps to play gasoline's music to encourage pubs to play those instead 4 years ago
   486bdd6f52 Added maps 4 years ago
   a75b7cf528 Two versions of bleach designated for different modes. 4 years ago
   269abd46a5 Player spawn positions are reset after ready 4 years ago
   a0cae68b05 Updated and split MOTD in variables 4 years ago
   1c48f6a69c Enforced r_water so seemless teleports are visible for all clients 4 years ago
   b8c107c799 Updated links to serve to clients 4 years ago
   5721733929 Updated mode descriptions. 4 years ago
   d69f484d16 Added abstain option for map vote 4 years ago
   0ccef7b711 Removed spider crossings from FFA maplists 4 years ago
   209f42ffc0 Added new CTS maps. 4 years ago
   25053c9e71 changed soundtrack of gasoline and hidden 4 teams version 4 years ago
   baa39b1fad alphabetical ordering of map names & some maplist additions 4 years ago
   cbfea928f7 Commented out line for gametype arena 4 years ago
   b1677a4d3f Commented out line for tune gametype 4 years ago
   dcb37e871d Increased CTS matchtime to 20min and removed fraglimit in duel 4 years ago
   44b0cba4a3 Addressed SVQC Warnings for the rest of the maps. 4 years ago
   42b32abee7 Updated mapinfo files, regarding machinegun for zih_ maps. 4 years ago
   bcbe15c383 Addressed SVQC Warning and MG issue with map zih_weirdf_q3 4 years ago
   c1c883746a Addressed SVQC errors for map boxgardens. 4 years ago
   2d222d3ad5 Moved and updated gpl-quickie2.mapinfo 4 years ago