13 Commits (3a1d37a319f339bbe0617dce165882c841a8cbba)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   fb2139663a Added hooney mode duel to vcalls 2 years ago
   78b19ee364 Added maplist vcalls for radcorp 3 years ago
   69c054296c Updated for changes to sv_*.cfg's and removed no-longer necessary lines RE: notifications 3 years ago
   10f7d70121 Added in switch-off of weaponstats file 3 years ago
   120c577c30 Gave original warm-up period in XPM, but kept shortened warm-up for defaults 3 years ago
   89e5ffc397 sv_xon resets overtime to sudden death, from XPM 3 years ago
   7502986f85 Changed rule regarding spectators chat 3 years ago
   2522625ce3 Added reset to default from XPM's ready after restart. 3 years ago
   74d57c8045 Specified maplists for Duel type to include only duel maps. 4 years ago
   16dee07288 Refined MOTD and extra configs for November 2on2 TDM event 4 years ago
   58cc2d9efb Added lines to reset TDM from sawa's event configs 4 years ago
   0f76be10a8 Added needed new line at the end of the file 4 years ago
   d9a8df02f9 Renamed file for default xonotic settings 4 years ago
   0356fd78db Moved commands for standard Xonotic settings to new file 4 years ago