3 Troubleshooting
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Make sure you have Python 3 and are using it to run lizard. Python 2 will absolutely not run it, and the libraries I use may cause problems with older versions of Python 3. I use Python 3.6 so it will definitely work on that, but it doesn't require any particularly new features so should be compatible with earlier Python 3.*'s (but I haven't tested this).

I generate the release archive with Python's distutils. pip should automatically take care of dependencies for you, but if you are missing any you can install them with pip install <package name>. Off the top of my head you need peewee and humanize. I also use os, shutil, webbrowser, json, requests and re but these should come pre-installed in Python3 by default.

Does Lizard work at all?

Simply running lizard without any commands will print a help message (and also ensure that ~/lizard_data/ exists). If you can't get this to happen, the problem is probably your environment.

Next, try to run lizard create. It should create a new database, but if one already exists you need to get rid of it (either delete or rename). lizard b will back up the DB for you, but it won't erase the current one. Make sure the database it creates is ~/lizard_data/threads.orm.db and not somewhere else.

If lizard create is able to create a database, then see if you can add a thread. Try lizard a <URL of a thread> for a few different threads. If none of them worked, again, probably something is fucked in your Lizard installation. If all worked, great! Lizard should be working correctly. If only some threads work, it's probably because of a bug specific to those I didn't know about, submit an issue and include steps to reproduce.

Corrupted database

If your existing threads.orm.db file causes problems, but a fresh one works fine, either your database is just fucked or one of the threads in it is causing problems. You can eliminate the latter possibility by re-adding the threads to the fresh database. If there's a thread that consistently causes problems, congratulations, you found a bug! Submit an issue and wait for me to fix it, meanwhile don't add that thread. If you manage to re-add all the threads to the fresh database and everything works, just delete the old database and forget about it. Life's too short, man.