A command line (CLI) program for monitoring and downloading 8chan threads. Licensed under MIT.
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import json
import re
import pkg_resources
import requests
from lizard.json_methods import extract_filenames
from lizard.file_io import *
version = pkg_resources.require("lizard")[0].version
user_agent = 'Lizard v{}: https://git.teknik.io/abrax/lizard'.format(version)
def fetch_and_parse_thread_json(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=False):
url = generate_thread_json_url(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=use_onion_link)
p = generate_json_path(board, thread_no)
if not download_file(url, p, use_onion_link=use_onion_link):
return None
return json.load(open(p))
def dump_thread_html(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=False):
print('Downloading HTML for /{}/{}...'.format(board, thread_no))
url = generate_thread_html_url(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=use_onion_link)
p = generate_html_path(board, thread_no)
print('Downloading html to {}'.format(p))
download_file(url, p)
def dump_thread_files(board, thread_no, thread_json, use_onion_link=False):
""" Downloads the files referenced in the supplied JSON. """
# Make a list of the files in the thread
filenames = extract_filenames(thread_json)
# Filter out files that already exist in the cache
filtered_filenames = [f for f in filenames if not file_exists_in_cache(board, thread_no, normalize_filename(f))]
# Download the files
print('Downloading {} files:'.format(len(filtered_filenames)))
for f in filtered_filenames:
normalized = normalize_filename(f)
file_url = generate_file_url(f['hashed_name'], use_onion_link=use_onion_link)
p = path_to_cached_file(board, thread_no, normalized)
if not download_file(file_url, p):
print('\t\tAttempt failed, trying alternate link.')
# Try alternate link
alternate_url = generate_alternate_file_url(board, f['hashed_name'], use_onion_link=use_onion_link)
download_file(alternate_url, p)
def download_file(file_url, file_path):
""" If the request succeeds, downloads the file and returns True.
On a 404 or 504, returns False. On other responses, raises exception. """
r = requests.get(file_url, headers={'user-agent': user_agent})
if r.status_code == requests.codes.ok:
save_file(file_path, r.content)
return True
elif r.status_code == 404:
return False
elif r.status_code == 504:
print("Server busy (504), couldn't get {}, try again later.".format(file_url))
return False
elif r.status_code == 403:
print("8ch.net returned 403 (forbidden). There can be many reasons for this, but a common one is trying to "
"connect to 8ch.net (instead oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion) through Tor. If you are using Tor, "
"please substitute r commands with tr (trl, trc, etc).")
return False
raise RuntimeError("Unexpected status code {} while trying to fetch {} - try opening in the browser, "
"if that doesn't work submit an issue to the tracker.".format(r.status_code, file_url))
def thread_domain(use_onion_link=False):
if use_onion_link:
url = 'http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion'
url = 'https://8ch.net'
return url
def generate_thread_json_url(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=False):
url = '{}/{}/res/{}.json'.format(thread_domain(use_onion_link), board, thread_no)
return url
def generate_thread_html_url(board, thread_no, use_onion_link=False):
url = '{}/{}/res/{}.html'.format(thread_domain(use_onion_link), board, thread_no)
return url
def generate_file_url(filename, use_onion_link=False):
if use_onion_link:
url = 'http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/file_store/{}'.format(filename)
url = 'https://media.8ch.net/file_store/{}'.format(filename)
return url
def generate_alternate_file_url(board, filename, use_onion_link=False):
"""Some images, like the OP pic of the /tech/ sticky, use an alternate media2 URL. """
if use_onion_link:
url = 'http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/{}/res/{}.html'.format(board, filename)
url = 'https://media2.8ch.net/{}/src/{}'.format(board, filename)
return url
def parse_url(url):
""" Extracts the board name and thread no from a URL. """
parts = url.split('#', 1)
board, thread_no = re.findall('(\w+)\/res\/(\d+)', parts[0])[0]
anchored_reply = '' if len(parts) < 2 else re.findall('q?(\d+)$', parts[1])[0]
return [board, thread_no, anchored_reply]