A command line (CLI) program for monitoring and downloading 8chan threads. Licensed under MIT.
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Lizard, the 8ch monitor

Lizard is a command line (CLI) program for monitoring 8ch threads. After you add a thread to its watchlist, it can connect to 8ch and check if new replies were made, notifying you if so. It will try to keep a local copy of the thread and the files in it in case the thread dies. It can also open all threads with new replies in your browser with a single command.



  1. Make sure you have Python 3
  2. Download the most recent .whl package from under dist/
  3. Install with pip: pip3 install lizard-0.<VERSION HERE>-py3-none-any.whl

If upgrading, see wiki.


Running lizard without any arguments will print the help message explaining the syntax. It will also create a ~/lizard_data directory to store files.

After you install, run lizard create to create a new database (if you don't have one already). Everything else will crash unless a valid database exists.

Add a thread to the database with lizard a <URL>. Upon adding a thread, Lizard will immediately download a copy of the thread and the files in it. These will be put under ~/lizard_data/.

You can call lizard r to refresh threads currently in the database, and see their status with lizard l. lizard rl combines these two steps. If you see threads with new activity (marked with ! or Y), you can open those in your default browser with lizard o (tip: have the browser running already before you do this).


0.5 (planned)

0.4 (in development)

Command syntax changes:

  • Listing threads:
    • lizard la (list all) will produce the previous lizard l functionality.
    • lizard l will list only items that have had something interesting happen (reply or 404).
    • lizard rl will print the summary list.

Tor features:

  • lizard tor will now auto-open the tor captcha page for convenience. (#42)
  • When any web request receives a 403, a more informative message is printed. (#40


  • lizard create command now working. (#43)

0.3 (current)

  • This version changes syntax for some commands:
    • Database creation: lizard c becomes lizard create
    • Conservative refresh:
      • lizard rc no longer a valid command
      • lizard r does conservative refresh
    • Refresh all threads: lizard ra instead of lizard r
  • Changed packaging system: Now building wheels which are compatible with pip
  • Basic Tor support:
    • lizard to will open the threads using the onion domain.
    • lizard tor will also open the CAPTCHA page

Older versions

See wiki.