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  Abrax 8aa68fdd66 Moved user-agent to web_methods 4 years ago
  Abrax af36c9934e Refactored a lot of the file IO code so that all paths are defined in a centralized way. Fixes #17 4 years ago
  Abrax 8374b7ed07 Moved things around to get rid of "logic" directory since that seemed to be causing problems. 4 years ago
  Abrax 6bdbf9a7a2 Refactored to remove some duplicate file cache code. 4 years ago
  Abrax cd516edeec Fixed #12 4 years ago
  Abrax e3fed47056 Removed old comment. 4 years ago
  Abrax 56746728a7 Corrected stale comment leftover from old revisions. 4 years ago
  Abrax e363c8140f Fixed #11 4 years ago
  Abrax 43025b822d Fixed issue #4 4 years ago
  Abrax c908c89147 Corrected error in help message and removed some old debug messages. 4 years ago
  Abrax ac1bf322e4 Switched to ORM, big rewrite+refactor. 4 years ago