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  Abrax 4bd7e34f0b Next version is 1.0, I've decided there's no reason to do 0.5 before that. пре 2 година
  Abrax 9514d1ff17 Bump version to v0.5 пре 2 година
  Abrax 395ef95b39 Add note about database schema change. пре 2 година
  Abrax 2047ea6aaa Update Readme for v0.4 пре 2 година
  Abrax d9171f5426 Committing months after the changes were made, I have no fucking clue what exactly I did. пре 2 година
  Abrax d7ff84117f Fixes #40 and fixes #39 пре 3 година
  Abrax dbfd304b92 Forgot to close paren пре 3 година
  Abrax 3a18368586 I got my issues confused: reopens #40 and fixes #41 пре 3 година
  Abrax 830e5ad962 Fixes #40 (hopefully, didn't test) пре 3 година
  Abrax c0eb2bcae9 Fixes #35 + readme update пре 3 година
  Abrax d296b4e1bc We v0.4 now пре 3 година
  Abrax c3d1e90f12 Fixes #45 пре 3 година
  Abrax afcc15883e Reorganized Readme for clarity. пре 3 година
  Abrax ac01998447 Fixed #23 пре 3 година
  Abrax 37fe954eb2 Version 0.3 is ready. пре 3 година
  Abrax 151236d821 Added missing import. пре 3 година
  Abrax a7b4c4caf4 Fixes #34 пре 3 година
  Abrax 211df1fa63 Fixed #42 пре 3 година
  Abrax b85f598398 Fixed #38 пре 3 година
  Abrax 56bd11e093 Refactored methods for opening threads in browser to reduce repetition. пре 3 година
  Abrax 2bb6a9ed0c Some updates to the readme re: new package system. пре 3 година
  Abrax d5502623db Better packaging system (fixes #32, #33): пре 3 година
  Abrax 54807daf7b Updated install script for v0.3. пре 3 година
  Abrax 5d0ca37067 Minor reformat пре 3 година
  Abrax 73daacbf7c Fixed #19 пре 3 година
  Abrax 7887693800 Fixes #36 пре 3 година
  Abrax 8f7499a956 Minor readme corrections. пре 3 година
  Abrax 4727ed8e4c I was raising exceptions wrong, which resulted in a misleading error. I think the issue was that 8chan was down and the cloudflare page had an unusual code, but I can't test since I couldn't reproduce it. пре 3 година
  Abrax 9a3a7db72c Corrected old syntax example. пре 3 година
  Abrax 0bd4612ce8 Rewrite version labels. пре 3 година
  Abrax d056d2f4db Increment version to 0.3 пре 3 година
  Abrax c94fe4ba4b Release v0.2 пре 3 година
  Abrax 4f5ccc0f24 Importing version from lizard in web_methods was causing a circular import (see http://stackoverflow.com/a/22210807). Importing the version from web_methods is inane, importing from a dedicated version file creates a useless file. So I guess we'll duplicate code... It shouldn't change unless I change *how* I obtain the version, anyway. пре 3 година
  Abrax a374ddd731 Fixes #31 пре 3 година
  Abrax 1db616f6b7 Fixes #30 пре 3 година
  Abrax fe54be9848 The AUR package of SQLiteStudio is abandonware so I'm not recommending it. пре 3 година
  Abrax af1ff5ac30 Fixed #16 пре 3 година
  Abrax 8ed199f00b All version strings are automatically obtained from the current install + more informative useragent. пре 3 година
  Abrax 78a0bd444b Minor formatting change. пре 3 година
  Abrax d82c379038 Moved conervative_refresh_criterion to db_methods and deleted the now-useless constants.py пре 3 година
  Abrax 8aa68fdd66 Moved user-agent to web_methods пре 3 година
  Abrax af36c9934e Refactored a lot of the file IO code so that all paths are defined in a centralized way. Fixes #17 пре 3 година
  Abrax e5a8fb952b Cleaned up spaces пре 3 година
  Abrax 338f1b969c MOre useful output when creating DB пре 3 година
  Abrax 662d408359 Backup prints some useful info. пре 3 година
  Abrax 8dec65d7ce Removed some unnecessary code in db creation пре 3 година
  Abrax 4145a3fad4 Fixes #22 пре 3 година
  Abrax 0c2b494db3 Fixed #20 пре 3 година
  Abrax 4dac00595b Fixed #15 пре 3 година
  Abrax e9d2e93c67 Cleaned up readme. пре 3 година