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Lizard is a command line (CLI) program for monitoring 8ch threads. After you add a thread to its watchlist, it can connect to 8ch and check if new replies were made, notifying you if so. It will try to keep a local copy of the thread and the files in it in case the thread dies. It can also open all threads with new replies in your browser with a single command.

## Changelog
### 0.4 (planned)
This version will change syntax for some commands:

* Listing threads:
* `lizard la` (list all) will produce the previous `lizard l` functionality.
* `lizard l` will list only items that have had something interesting happen (reply or 404).
* `lizard rl` will print the summary list.

These changes take effect with version 0.4 so be ready to update your scripts!

### 0.3 (in development)
This version will change syntax for some commands: