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Some updates to the readme re: new package system.

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@@ -76,48 +76,6 @@ Make sure you have Python 3.6 and are using it to run `lizard`. Python 2 will ab

I generate the release archive with Python's `distutils`. I have no idea how it deals with dependencies on other Python packages. You can install these with `pip install <package name>`. Off the top of my head you need `peewee` and `humanize`. I also use `os`, `shutil`, `webbrowser`, `json`, `requests` and `re` but these should be included in Python3 by default.

### Installation problems
Untarring the archive should produce something like this:

$ sudo tar -zvxf dist/lizard-0.1.1.linux-x86_64.tar.gz -C /

As you can see this puts a link to the program under `/usr/bin/lizard` and all the program code under `/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/` . Confirm that the files are actually there, if not, first figure out where they went, delete them, and then manually extract and move the archive contents to these locations. The archive is generated with absolute paths as they should be on your system, so consult these (or the above list) when verifying that you've got everything where it needs to be.

Alternatively you can try running the scripts with the interpreter. Just clone or download the repo, then navigate to the directory, and run `python3`. If that prints the help message then try other troubleshooting steps except replace `lizard` with `python3` in the commands.

### Does Lizard work at all?
Simply running `lizard` without any commands will print a help message (and also ensure that `~/lizard_data/` exists). If you can't get this to happen, the problem is probably your environment.

@@ -130,9 +88,7 @@ If your existing `threads.orm.db` file causes problems, but a fresh one works fi

## FAQ
### Is `lizard` only for Linux?
It's easy for me to build the Linux package, so I only supply that.

Python is supposed to be cross-platform so it should work on other OSes too. If anyone is actually interested in running it on something else, I can try to build for that also.
Since Python is cross platform it should run if Python runs, but I only use it on Linux so currently instructions are for that. They shouldn't be hard to adapt to other OSes, but if anyone is actually interested in running this on something else I can try to provide specific instructions.

### Is there a GUI?
No. An earlier version of this program had a GUI, but it turned out to be more trouble than it's worth.