Opera 12.15 Source Code
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  1. How to clone gst-opera fully:
  2. (instead of reading this guide, under Windows you can just run gst-opera_clone.bat, Linux users can also try gst-opera_clone.sh)
  3. IF you're reading this you probably noticed how trying to fully clone the Opera version of gstreamer (gst-opera) gives a lot of errors, I'll explain how to work around these below.
  4. First, you should obviously have a working install of Git, whether through your package manager or a Windows installer.
  5. Once Git is setup, clone the main gst-opera directory:
  6. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-opera.git
  7. The naive way to continue is by following the steps shown at http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/, but we know those instructions don't work properly, so we have to do it another way.
  8. First make sure you've changed into your gst-opera directory:
  9. cd gst-opera
  10. Now peek into the gst-opera/.gitmodules file to see what repos need to be cloned, make sure you've changed into your gst-opera folder, and then run the following:
  11. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/libogg.git
  12. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/libvorbis.git
  13. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/libtheora.git
  14. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/glib.git
  15. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gstreamer.git
  16. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-plugins-base.git
  17. git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-plugins-good.git
  18. The astute among you may have noticed that gst-plugins-bad is excluded from the list above, that's because it has to be cloned a different way:
  19. Run all the commands above, and then run the following to download the server copy of gst-plugins-bad:
  20. wget -r http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad.git -P gst-opera-bad1.git
  21. Now clone from that server copy:
  22. git clone gst-opera-bad1.git/sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad.git
  23. Finally we'll setup each sub-repo:
  24. cd glib
  25. git checkout remotes/origin/2.20.5+OPERA
  26. cd ../gst-plugins-bad
  27. git checkout remotes/origin/RELEASE-0.10.19+OPERA
  28. cd ../gst-plugins-base
  29. git checkout remotes/origin/RELEASE-0.10.29+OPERA
  30. cd ../gst-plugins-good
  31. git checkout remotes/origin/RELEASE-0.10.23+OPERA
  32. cd ../gstreamer
  33. git checkout remotes/origin/RELEASE-0.10.29+OPERA
  34. Now the gst-opera repo should be complete, and you should be able to compile from it no problem.
  35. Enjoy!
  36. - Xam