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;;; symon.el --- tiny graphical system monitor
;; Copyright (C) 2015 zk_phi
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
;; Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
;; Author: zk_phi
;; URL:
;; Version: 1.2.0
;;; Commentary:
;; Load this script
;; (require 'symon)
;; and turn on `symon-mode'.
;; (symon-mode)
;; then a tiny system monitor is displayed in minibuffer, during idle.
;;; Change Log:
;; 1.0.0 first release
;; 1.1.0 add option symon-sparkline-thickness
;; 1.1.1 add symon-windows-page-file-monitor
;; 1.1.2 add darwin support (mac os x)
;; 1.2.0 add paging feature
;;; Code:
(require 'battery)
(require 'ring)
(defconst symon-version "1.2.0")
(defgroup symon nil
"tiny graphical system monitor"
:group 'emacs)
;; + customs
;; core
(defcustom symon-refresh-rate 4
"refresh rate of symon display. *set this option BEFORE
enabling `symon-mode'.*"
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-delay 2
"delay in seconds until symon is displayed. *set this option
BEFORE enabling `symon-mode'.*"
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-history-size 50
"number of old values to keep. sparklines grow faster when set
smaller. *set this option BEFORE enabling `symon-mode'.*"
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-monitors
(cond ((memq system-type '(gnu/linux cygwin))
((memq system-type '(darwin))
((memq system-type '(windows-nt))
"List of monitors used to read system statuses. This variable
also can be a list of lists from version 1.2, that case
monitors are displayed in multiple pages. *set this option
BEFORE enabling `symon-mode'.*")
;; sparkline
(defcustom symon-sparkline-height 11
"height of sparklines."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-sparkline-width 80
"width of sparklines."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-sparkline-ascent 100
"`:ascent' property for sparklines."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-sparkline-thickness 2
"line width of sparklines."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-sparkline-type 'gridded
"type of sparklines."
:group 'symon)
;; some darwin builds cannot render xbm images (foreground color is
;; always black), so convert to xpm before rendering.
(defcustom symon-sparkline-use-xpm (eq system-type 'darwin)
"when non-nil, convert sparklines to xpm from xbm before
:group 'symon)
;; network monitor
(defcustom symon-network-rx-upper-bound 300
"upper-bound of sparkline for network RX status."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-network-tx-upper-bound 100
"upper-bound of sparkline for network TX status."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-network-rx-lower-bound 0
"lower-bound of sparkline for network RX status."
:group 'symon)
(defcustom symon-network-tx-lower-bound 0
"lower-bound of sparkline for network TX status."
:group 'symon)
;; page-file monitor
(defcustom symon-windows-page-file-upper-bound 2000
"upper-bound of sparkline for page file usage."
:group 'symon)
;; + utilities
;; + general
(defun symon--flatten (lst)
"flatten LST"
(if (consp lst)
(apply 'nconc (mapcar 'symon--flatten lst))
(list lst)))
;; + sparkline generator
;; sparkline-types are internally a symbol with property
;; 'symon-sparkline-type associated to a function that generates a
;; 2d-bool-vector.
(defvar symon--sparkline-base-cache
[nil symon-sparkline-width symon-sparkline-height nil])
(defun symon--get-sparkline-base ()
(unless (and (eq (aref symon--sparkline-base-cache 0) symon-sparkline-type)
(= (aref symon--sparkline-base-cache 1) symon-sparkline-width)
(= (aref symon--sparkline-base-cache 2) symon-sparkline-height))
(aset symon--sparkline-base-cache 0 symon-sparkline-type)
(aset symon--sparkline-base-cache 1 symon-sparkline-width)
(aset symon--sparkline-base-cache 2 symon-sparkline-height)
(aset symon--sparkline-base-cache 3
(funcall (get symon-sparkline-type 'symon-sparkline-type))))
(copy-sequence (aref symon--sparkline-base-cache 3)))
(defun symon--make-sparkline (list &optional minimum maximum)
"make sparkline image from LIST."
(let ((num-samples (length list)))
(unless (zerop num-samples)
(let* ((image-data (symon--get-sparkline-base))
(maximum (if maximum (float maximum) 100.0))
(minimum (if minimum (float minimum) 0.0))
(topmargin (1- symon-sparkline-thickness))
(height (- symon-sparkline-height topmargin))
(height-per-point (/ height (1+ (- maximum minimum))))
(width-per-sample (/ symon-sparkline-width (float num-samples)))
(samples (apply 'vector list))
sample y ix)
(dotimes (x symon-sparkline-width)
(setq sample (aref samples (floor (/ x width-per-sample))))
(when (numberp sample)
(setq y (floor (* (- sample minimum) height-per-point)))
(when (and (<= 0 y) (< y height))
(dotimes (dy symon-sparkline-thickness)
(aset image-data
(+ (* (- symon-sparkline-height (+ y dy) 1) symon-sparkline-width) x)
`(image :type xbm :data ,image-data :ascent ,symon-sparkline-ascent
:height ,symon-sparkline-height :width ,symon-sparkline-width)))))
(defun symon--convert-sparkline-to-xpm (sparkline)
"convert sparkline to an xpm image."
(let ((data (plist-get (cdr sparkline) :data)))
(insert (format "/* XPM */
static char * sparkline_xpm[] = { \"%d %d 2 1\", \"@ c %s\", \". c none\""
symon-sparkline-width symon-sparkline-height
(face-foreground 'default)))
(let ((ix 0))
(dotimes (x symon-sparkline-height)
(insert ",\n\"")
(dotimes (y symon-sparkline-width)
(insert (if (aref data ix) ?@ ?.))
(setq ix (1+ ix)))
(insert "\"")))
(insert "};")
`(image :type xpm :data ,(buffer-string) :ascent ,symon-sparkline-ascent
:height ,symon-sparkline-height :width ,symon-sparkline-width))))
;; + symon monitor generator
;; a symon monitor is internally a symbol with property 'symon-monitor
;; associated to a vector of 3 functions: [SETUP-FN CLEANUP-FN
;; DISPLAY-FN]. SETUP-FN is called on activation of `symon-mode', and
;; expected to setup Emacs to fetch status values in a specific
;; interval. CLEANUP-FN is called on deactivation and expected to tell
;; Emacs to stop fetching. DISPLAY-FN is called just before displaying
;; monitor, and must return display string for the monitor.
(defun symon--make-history-ring ()
"like `(make-ring symon-history-size)' but filled with `nil'."
(cons 0 (cons symon-history-size (make-vector symon-history-size nil))))
(defmacro define-symon-monitor (name &rest plist)
"define a new symon monitor NAME. following keywords are
supoprted in PLIST:
:setup (default: nil)
an expression evaluated when activating symon-mode, and
expected to do some preparation.
:cleanup (default: nil)
an expression evaluated when deactivating symon-mode, and
expected to do some cleanup.
:fetch (default: nil)
an expression that evaluates to the latest status value. the
value must be a number (otherwise `N/A' is displayed as the
:interval (default: symon-refresh-rate)
fetch interval in seconds.
:index (default: \"\")
string prepended to the status value (\"MEM:\" for memory
monitor, for example).
:unit (default: \"\")
string appended to the status value (\"%\" for memory
monitor, for example).
:annotation (default: nil)
an expression that evaluates to the annotation string for the
metrics (\"xxxKB Swapped\" for memory monitor, for
example). if this expression returns a non-nil value, it is
surrounded with parentheses and appended to the status value.
:display (default: nil)
an expression evaluated before updating symon display. when
this expression evaluates to a non-nil value, it will be
displayed instead of standard symon display format.
:sparkline (default: nil)
when non-nil, sparklines are rendered.
:lower-bound (default: 100.0)
upper bound of sparkline.
:upper-bound (default: 0.0)
lower bound of sparkline."
(let* ((cell (make-vector 2 nil))
(sparkline (plist-get plist :sparkline))
(interval (or (plist-get plist :interval) 'symon-refresh-rate))
(display (plist-get plist :display))
`(lambda ()
(ring-insert (aref ,cell 0) ,(plist-get plist :fetch))))
`(lambda ()
(aset ,cell 0 (symon--make-history-ring))
(aset ,cell 1 (run-with-timer 0 ,interval ,update-fn))
,(plist-get plist :setup)
(funcall ,update-fn)))
`(lambda ()
(cancel-timer (aref ,cell 1))
,(plist-get plist :cleanup)))
(if display `(lambda () (concat ,display " "))
`(lambda ()
(let* ((lst (ring-elements (aref ,cell 0)))
(val (car lst)))
(concat ,(plist-get plist :index)
(if (not (numberp val)) "N/A "
(concat (format "%d%s " val ,(or (plist-get plist :unit) ""))
(let ((annot ,(plist-get plist :annotation)))
(when annot (concat "(" annot ") ")))))
,(when sparkline
`(when (window-system)
(let ((sparkline (symon--make-sparkline
,(plist-get plist :lower-bound)
,(plist-get plist :upper-bound))))
(when symon-sparkline-use-xpm
(setq sparkline
(symon--convert-sparkline-to-xpm sparkline)))
(concat (propertize " " 'display sparkline) " "))))))))))
`(put ',name 'symon-monitor (vector ,setup-fn ,cleanup-fn ,display-fn))))
;; + process management
(defvar symon--process-buffer-name " *symon-process*")
(defvar symon--process-reference-count 0)
(defun symon--read-value-from-process-buffer (index)
"Read a value from a specific buffer"
(when (get-buffer symon--process-buffer-name)
(with-current-buffer symon--process-buffer-name
(when (save-excursion
(search-backward-regexp (concat index ":\\([0-9]+\\)\\>") nil t))
(read (match-string 1))))))
(defun symon--maybe-start-process (cmd)
(setq symon--process-reference-count
(1+ symon--process-reference-count))
(unless (get-buffer symon--process-buffer-name)
(let ((proc (start-process-shell-command
"symon-process" symon--process-buffer-name cmd))
(filter (lambda (proc str)
(when (get-buffer symon--process-buffer-name)
(with-current-buffer symon--process-buffer-name
(when (and (string-match "-" str) (search-backward "----" nil t))
(delete-region 1 (point)))
(goto-char (1+ (buffer-size)))
(insert str))))))
(set-process-query-on-exit-flag proc nil)
(set-process-filter proc filter))))
(defun symon--maybe-kill-process ()
(setq symon--process-reference-count
(1- symon--process-reference-count))
(when (and (zerop symon--process-reference-count)
(get-buffer symon--process-buffer-name))
(kill-buffer symon--process-buffer-name)))
;; + predefined monitors
;; + linux monitors
(defun symon-linux--read-lines (file reader indices)
(insert-file-contents file)
(goto-char 1)
(mapcar (lambda (index)
(when (search-forward-regexp (concat "^" index "\\(.*\\)$") nil t)
(if reader
(funcall reader (match-string 1))
(match-string 1)))))
(defvar symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-linux-cpu-monitor
:index "CPU:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (setq symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks nil)
:fetch (cl-destructuring-bind (cpu)
"/proc/stat" (lambda (str) (mapcar 'read (split-string str nil t))) '("cpu"))
(let ((total (apply '+ cpu)) (idle (nth 3 cpu)))
(prog1 (when symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks
(let ((total-diff (- total (car symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks)))
(idle-diff (- idle (cdr symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks))))
(/ (* (- total-diff idle-diff) 100) total-diff)))
(setq symon-linux--last-cpu-ticks (cons total idle))))))
(define-symon-monitor symon-linux-memory-monitor
:index "MEM:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:fetch (cl-destructuring-bind (memtotal memavailable memfree buffers cached)
"/proc/meminfo" (lambda (str) (and str (read str)))
'("MemTotal:" "MemAvailable:" "MemFree:" "Buffers:" "Cached:"))
(if memavailable
(/ (* (- memtotal memavailable) 100) memtotal)
(/ (* (- memtotal (+ memfree buffers cached)) 100) memtotal)))
:annotation (cl-destructuring-bind (swaptotal swapfree)
"/proc/meminfo" 'read '("SwapTotal:" "SwapFree:"))
(let ((swapped (/ (- swaptotal swapfree) 1000)))
(unless (zerop swapped) (format "%dMB Swapped" swapped)))))
(define-symon-monitor symon-linux-battery-monitor
:index "BAT:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:fetch (when battery-status-function
(read (cdr (assoc ?p (funcall battery-status-function))))))
(defvar symon-linux--last-network-rx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-linux-network-rx-monitor
:index "RX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-rx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-rx-lower-bound
:setup (setq symon-linux--last-network-rx nil)
:fetch (with-temp-buffer
(insert-file-contents "/proc/net/dev")
(goto-char 1)
(let ((rx 0))
(while (search-forward-regexp "^[\s\t]*\\(.*\\):" nil t)
(unless (string= (match-string 1) "lo")
(setq rx (+ rx (read (current-buffer))))))
(prog1 (when symon-linux--last-network-rx
(/ (- rx symon-linux--last-network-rx) symon-refresh-rate 1000))
(setq symon-linux--last-network-rx rx)))))
(defvar symon-linux--last-network-tx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-linux-network-tx-monitor
:index "TX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-tx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-tx-lower-bound
:setup (setq symon-linux--last-network-tx nil)
:fetch (with-temp-buffer
(insert-file-contents "/proc/net/dev")
(goto-char 1)
(let ((tx 0))
(while (search-forward-regexp "^[\s\t]*\\(.*\\):" nil t)
(unless (string= (match-string 1) "lo")
(forward-word 8)
(setq tx (+ tx (read (current-buffer))))))
(prog1 (when symon-linux--last-network-tx
(/ (- tx symon-linux--last-network-tx) symon-refresh-rate 1000))
(setq symon-linux--last-network-tx tx)))))
;; + darwin monitors
(defun symon-darwin--maybe-start-process ()
(symon--maybe-start-process (format "
while true; do
echo \"----\"
interface=`route get | grep interface | awk '{print $2}'`
s=`netstat -bi -I $interface | tail -1`;
echo $s | awk '{print \"rx:\"$7}'
echo $s | awk '{print \"tx:\"$8}'
s=`hostinfo | grep 'Load average' | awk '{print \"cpu:\"$3}' | sed 's/,//'`
echo $s
m1=`sysctl hw.memsize | sed 's/.*:\s*//'`
m_active=`vm_stat | grep 'Pages active' | sed 's/.*: *//'`
m_wired=`vm_stat | grep 'Pages wired' | sed 's/.*: *//'`
s=`echo \"scale=2; (($m_active+$m_wired)*4096*100 / $m1)\"| bc -l`
echo \"mem:$s\"
sleep %d
done" symon-refresh-rate)))
(define-symon-monitor symon-darwin-cpu-monitor
:index "CPU:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (symon-darwin--maybe-start-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "cpu"))
(define-symon-monitor symon-darwin-memory-monitor
:index "MEM:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (symon-darwin--maybe-start-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "mem"))
(defvar symon-darwin--last-network-rx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-darwin-network-rx-monitor
:index "RX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-rx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-rx-lower-bound
:setup (progn
(setq symon-darwin--last-network-rx nil))
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (let ((rx (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "rx")))
(prog1 (when symon-darwin--last-network-rx
(/ (- rx symon-darwin--last-network-rx) symon-refresh-rate 1000))
(setq symon-darwin--last-network-rx rx))))
(defvar symon-darwin--last-network-tx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-darwin-network-tx-monitor
:index "TX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-tx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-tx-lower-bound
:setup (progn
(setq symon-darwin--last-network-tx nil))
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (let ((tx (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "tx")))
(prog1 (when symon-darwin--last-network-tx
(/ (- tx symon-darwin--last-network-tx) symon-refresh-rate 1000))
(setq symon-darwin--last-network-tx tx))))
(define-symon-monitor symon-darwin-battery-monitor
:index "BAT:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:fetch (when battery-status-function
(read (cdr (assoc ?p (funcall battery-status-function))))))
;; + windows monitors
(defun symon-windows--maybe-start-wmi-process ()
(symon--maybe-start-process (format "powershell -command \
$last = 0; \
while(1) \
{ \
echo ----; \
$t = (gwmi Win32_ComputerSystem).TotalPhysicalMemory / 1000; \
$f = (gwmi Win32_OperatingSystem).FreePhysicalMemory; \
echo mem:$(($t - $f) * 100 / $t); \
echo swap:$((gwmi Win32_PageFileUsage).CurrentUsage); \
echo bat:$((gwmi Win32_Battery).EstimatedChargeRemaining); \
$r = 0; \
$t = 0; \
$w = gwmi Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface; \
foreach($x in $w){ \
$r = $r + $x.BytesReceivedPersec; \
$t = $t + $x.BytesSentPersec \
} \
echo rx:$($r / 1000); \
echo tx:$($t / 1000); \
$p = (gwmi Win32_PerfRawData_Counters_ProcessorInformation)[0]; \
if($last) \
{ \
$dt = $p.Timestamp_Sys100NS - $last.Timestamp_Sys100NS; \
$dp = $p.PercentProcessorTime - $last.PercentProcessorTime; \
echo cpu:$((1 - ($dp / $dt)) * 100); \
} \
$last = $p; \
sleep %d \
}" symon-refresh-rate)))
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-cpu-monitor
:index "CPU:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (symon-windows--maybe-start-wmi-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "cpu"))
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-memory-monitor
:index "MEM:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (symon-windows--maybe-start-wmi-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "mem"))
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-page-file-monitor
:index "PF:" :unit "MB" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-windows-page-file-upper-bound
:setup (symon-windows--maybe-start-wmi-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "swap"))
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-battery-monitor
:index "BAT:" :unit "%" :sparkline t
:setup (symon-windows--maybe-start-wmi-process)
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "bat"))
(defvar symon-windows--last-network-rx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-network-rx-monitor
:index "RX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-rx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-rx-lower-bound
:setup (progn
(setq symon-windows--last-network-rx nil))
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (let ((rx (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "rx")))
(prog1 (when symon-windows--last-network-rx
(/ (- rx symon-windows--last-network-rx) symon-refresh-rate))
(setq symon-windows--last-network-rx rx))))
(defvar symon-windows--last-network-tx nil)
(define-symon-monitor symon-windows-network-tx-monitor
:index "TX:" :unit "KB/s" :sparkline t
:upper-bound symon-network-tx-upper-bound
:lower-bound symon-network-tx-lower-bound
:setup (progn
(setq symon-windows--last-network-tx nil))
:cleanup (symon--maybe-kill-process)
:fetch (let ((tx (symon--read-value-from-process-buffer "tx")))
(prog1 (when symon-windows--last-network-tx
(/ (- tx symon-windows--last-network-tx) symon-refresh-rate))
(setq symon-windows--last-network-tx tx))))
;; + misc monitors
(define-symon-monitor symon-current-time-monitor
:display (format-time-string "%H:%M"))
;; + predefined sparkline types
(defun symon--sparkline-draw-horizontal-grid (vec y)
(dotimes (x/2 (/ symon-sparkline-width 2))
(aset vec (+ (* y symon-sparkline-width) (* x/2 2)) t)))
(defun symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid (vec x)
(dotimes (y/2 (/ symon-sparkline-height 2))
(aset vec (+ (* (* y/2 2) symon-sparkline-width) x) t)))
(defun symon--make-plain-sparkline ()
(make-bool-vector (* symon-sparkline-height symon-sparkline-width) nil))
(defun symon--make-bounded-sparkline ()
(let ((vec (symon--make-plain-sparkline)))
(symon--sparkline-draw-horizontal-grid vec 0)
(symon--sparkline-draw-horizontal-grid vec (1- symon-sparkline-height))
(defun symon--make-boxed-sparkline ()
(let ((vec (symon--make-bounded-sparkline)))
(symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid vec 0)
(symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid vec (1- symon-sparkline-width))
(defun symon--make-gridded-sparkline ()
(let ((vec (symon--make-boxed-sparkline)))
(symon--sparkline-draw-horizontal-grid vec (/ symon-sparkline-height 2))
(symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid vec (/ symon-sparkline-width 4))
(symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid vec (/ symon-sparkline-width 2))
(symon--sparkline-draw-vertical-grid vec (/ (* symon-sparkline-width 3) 4))
(put 'plain 'symon-sparkline-type 'symon--make-plain-sparkline)
(put 'bounded 'symon-sparkline-type 'symon--make-bounded-sparkline)
(put 'boxed 'symon-sparkline-type 'symon--make-boxed-sparkline)
(put 'gridded 'symon-sparkline-type 'symon--make-gridded-sparkline)
;; + symon core
(defvar symon--cleanup-fns nil) ; List[Fn]
(defvar symon--display-fns nil) ; List[List[Fn]]
(defvar symon--display-active nil)
(defvar symon--active-page nil)
(defvar symon--total-page-num nil)
(defvar symon--timer-objects nil)
(defun symon--initialize ()
(unless symon-monitors
(message "Warning: `symon-monitors' is empty."))
(let* ((symon-monitors ; for backward-compatibility
(if (symbolp (car symon-monitors))
(list symon-monitors)
(mapcar (lambda (lst)
(mapcar (lambda (s) (get s 'symon-monitor)) lst))
(symon--flatten monitors)))
(mapc (lambda (m) (funcall (aref m 0))) monitors-flattened) ; setup-fns
(setq symon--cleanup-fns (mapcar (lambda (m) (aref m 1)) monitors-flattened)
symon--display-fns (mapcar (lambda (l) (mapcar (lambda (m) (aref m 2)) l)) monitors)
symon--display-active nil
symon--total-page-num (length symon-monitors)
(list (run-with-timer 0 symon-refresh-rate 'symon--redisplay)
(run-with-idle-timer symon-delay t 'symon-display)))
(add-hook 'pre-command-hook 'symon--display-end)
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'symon--cleanup)))
(defun symon--cleanup ()
(remove-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'symon--cleanup)
(remove-hook 'pre-command-hook 'symon--display-end)
(mapc 'cancel-timer symon--timer-objects)
(mapc 'funcall symon--cleanup-fns))
(defun symon--display-update ()
"update symon display"
(unless (or cursor-in-echo-area (active-minibuffer-window))
(let ((message-log-max nil) ; do not insert to *Messages* buffer
(display-string nil)
(page 0))
(dolist (lst symon--display-fns)
(if (= page symon--active-page)
(message "%s" (apply 'concat (mapcar 'funcall lst)))
(mapc 'funcall lst))
(setq page (1+ page))))
(setq symon--display-active t)))
(defun symon-display ()
"activate symon display."
(setq symon--active-page 0)
(defun symon--redisplay ()
"update symon display."
(when symon--display-active
(setq symon--active-page (% (1+ symon--active-page) symon--total-page-num))
(defun symon--display-end ()
"deactivate symon display."
(setq symon--display-active nil))
(define-minor-mode symon-mode
"tiny graphical system monitor"
:init-value nil
:global t
(if symon-mode (symon--initialize) (symon--cleanup)))
;; + provide
(provide 'symon)
;;; symon.el ends here