My personal dotfiles
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Here are my personal dotfiles.

  • zsh - shell
  • emacs - text editor of choice (literate config can be found here)
  • vim/neovim - when SSHed or on a different computer
  • i3- window manager (linux)

    • I also have configuration files for a few other window managers I've experimented with. They probably won't be updated unless I switch off of i3.
    • lemonbar - status bar (fork that supports more font formats)
    • rofi - demenu replacement
  • hammerspoon - window manager when I happen to be on osx (which is very very rare these days)


My dotfiles are managed using GNU Stow. This makes it easy to add and remove modules (and their symbolic links).

One Liner

This one line will clone my dotfiles and begin the installer.

  curl | bash -s -- -g <& 1

Manual Installation

If you don't want to use the one liner or the install script. You can install each module individually using stow [name] as shown below. This allows you to only use the modules that you want.

  git clone
  cd dotfiles
  git submodules init && git submodules update
  stow zsh
  stow emacs