My personal dotfiles
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Josh Wolfe 7a761a14ac Have mu4e fail silently and re-organized file 4 years ago
.emacs.d Have mu4e fail silently and re-organized file 4 years ago
.hammerspoon Added hammerspoon config 5 years ago
.vim File not needed 4 years ago
.zsh Added git info to zsh prompt 4 years ago
bin Added clock script for i3 4 years ago
bspwm Reduced gaps size and enabled tex completion in org mode 4 years ago
fish Removed vim alias 4 years ago
i3 Updated documentation 4 years ago
i3status Tweaked i3 and added status 4 years ago
kak Fish color update and kakrc formatting 4 years ago
polybar Switched to i3 4 years ago
sxhkd Added a binding to run keyboard layout toggle 4 years ago
terminator Swapped font back to Inconsolata 4 years ago
.Xmodmap Added .Xmodmap for when Xcape isn't installed 4 years ago
.Xresources Changed Xresources 4 years ago
.gitignore Added spotify.el to emacs. 4 years ago
.gitmodules Updated dotfiles to ORG init 4 years ago
.tmux.conf Properly organized .tmux.conf file 4 years ago
.vimrc Slimmed down vimrc 4 years ago
.zshrc Added backgound process 4 years ago Updated documentation 4 years ago Fixed link scripts 4 years ago Fixed link scripts 4 years ago


    Here are my personal dotfiles. * zsh - shell * emacs - text editor of choice * vim/neovim - when emacs isn't available * bspwm - window manager (linux)
  • I also have configuration files for my old i3 setup. They aren't going to be updated
  • lemonbar - status bar (fork that supports more font formats)
  • rofi - demenu replacement
  • * hammerspoon - window manager when I happen to be on osx

Everything here is in a constant state of flux. If you like something be sure to copy it as theres no gauruntee it will be here the next time you come looking.