My personal dotfiles
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Josh Wolfe 532b0c8948 Merge branch 'master' of 5 years ago
X Added URXVT extension for on the fly font resizing 6 years ago
bin/bin Updated diskusage to accept a path 6 years ago
emacs/.emacs.d Added C#, Hydra and Projectile 5 years ago
herbstluftwm/.config/herbstluftwm Misc updates from desktop 6 years ago
i3/.config Updated backlight bindings 6 years ago
tmux Removed tmux/vim intergration as it conflicted with redraw binding 6 years ago
vim Removed tmux/vim intergration as it conflicted with redraw binding 6 years ago
zsh Auto ignores insecure ZSH directories 6 years ago
.gitignore Updated gitignore to ignore irony mode 6 years ago
.gitmodules Hid non-error messages when git installs the submodules 6 years ago


Here are my personal dotfiles.

  • zsh - shell
  • emacs - text editor of choice
  • vim/neovim - when emacs isn't available
  • bspwm - window manager (linux)

    • I also have configuration files for my old i3 setup. They aren't going to be updated
    • lemonbar - status bar (fork that supports more font formats)
    • rofi - demenu replacement
  • hammerspoon - window manager when I happen to be on osx

Everything here is in a constant state of flux. If you like something be sure to copy it as theres no gauruntee it will be here the next time you come looking.


My dotfiles are managed using GNU Stow. This makes it easy to add and remove modules (and their symbolic links).

One Liner

This one line will clone my dotfiles and begin the installer.

curl | bash -s -- -g <& 1


cd dotfiles
git submodules init && git submodules update
stow zsh
stow emacs

This allows you to only use the modules that you want.