My personal dotfiles
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Josh Wolfe 252ed5a5b9 Added submodule for vim-plug 4 роки тому
.emacs.d Using move-lines instead of local functions 4 роки тому
.hammerspoon Added hammerspoon config 5 роки тому
.vim Added submodule for vim-plug 4 роки тому
.zsh Updated prompt and added aliases 5 роки тому
i3 Changed wallpaper 4 роки тому
.Xresources Updated README and added Xresources 5 роки тому
.gitmodules Added submodule for vim-plug 4 роки тому
.vimrc Cleaned up unneeded lines 5 роки тому
.zshenv Added full zsh configs 5 роки тому
.zshrc removed old vlc alias 4 роки тому Added links and description 4 роки тому


The first image contains Vim, htop, and chromium (running cVim). The second image is my emacs setup as well as my updated status bar.

What it looks like:

<img src=>

<img src=>

Here are my personal dotfiles.

  • zsh - shell
  • emacs - text editor of choice on main machines
  • vim/neovim - on the go or ssh text editor (depends on system)
  • i3-gaps - window manager (linux)
    • lemonbar - status bar (fork that supports more font formats)
    • barr - lemonbar generator in ruby
    • rofi - demenu replacement
  • hammerspoon - windom manager (osx)

Everything here is in a constant state of flux. If you like something be sure to copy it as theres no gauruntee it will be here the next time you come looking.