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  Josh Wolfe 337852b6b4 Re-organized for stow 4 年前
  Josh Wolfe 094e90297b Updated root partition location 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe 58d6f08d92 Fixed color for i3 notification 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe 6e62af946f Low battery wont display when charging 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe fbcc123d85 Fixed battery notifications 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe 59630bb9af Fixed bugs with battery notifications 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe 3698357128 Added battery warnings 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe dcb4b43ce8 Remove battery message 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe d054e445ba added battery notifications 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe af6e57a7f6 vim: updated clipboard settings| i3: added startup script and added volume and brightness classes to bar 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe 0ae612826e Change YCM to Neocomplete added more Barr classes 5 年前
  Joshua Wolfe ce2aee2577 Added i3 5 年前