178 Commits (84e7c99c04eca0bd39b9c92def28e338f9eb06c4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Josh Wolfe 67efcba84e Ignore swap files 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 274902c867 Use major mode hydra for handling context aware hydras 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 25ea5722a0 Tweaked compile bindings and omnisharp hydra 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 422137ad89 Fixed up compilation for C# to work properly inside of emacs 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe f9177945cd Updated eval and replace to work with region 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 4c7415695b Moved exwm to literate config and addeding quit binding in help-mode 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe a7b337050f Added eval+replace function & updated ag functions to use counsel 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 83df95b53c Updated :todo ex command to accept ! option to search current file 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 81fa1d15b7 Added some org/graphviz, ivy and doom todo tweaks 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 90a3edcb66 Added flyspell mode map + windows settings 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 41571de83f Added exwm config 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe fd307248bf Enabled doom-ivy 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ed9a2cd3e3 Stole +ivy/tasks from doom-emacs 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe fa66b1e0a3 Updated to match project re-naming 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe d3ae4d1c6c Defer for longer. It'll demand them if we use any of their features. 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 49d9dccfe2 Stop magit from loading at the same time as elpy 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 9f48906c0c Removed un-used terminal configuration. 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 3df2a825d2 Don't clutter the minibuffer if it can't find ispell 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 137ef9aaba Added better defers 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 270fddd15b Syntax highlight TODO, FIXEME, BUG and XXX 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 9cbb611d0c Trimmed trailing whitespace 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 633233c3db Fixed <left> to use correct function for workspace navigation 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe af586650dc Added spell check in comments in prog-mode 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ff0af9e9e3 Tell elpy not to use flymake since we already have flycheck. 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 21d303fdd2 Fixed issue with elpy not properly loading due to use-package defers 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 48de5336ef Resolved merge conflics 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 9b8f0910ee Replaced general define with evil-lion for aligning 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe bffe070ab8 Load based on hook rather than filetype for consistency 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe fcd3d4a661 Replaced defers with :mode for clarity 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe a4ac894dee Added eyebrowse mode for tab/window management 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 7e19739be7 Added evil-numbers and removed Help Fns+ 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe b49c4f8d7d Added treemacs and updated a hulper function to assist. 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ab54995abf Fixed issue using :general from use-package 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 536f1bdc40 Updated counsel-project to match latest spec. 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 1afef3ef33 Updated emacs UTF8 for terminal and fixed i3 bindings 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 4967df68af Added go mode settings and go completion 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ebaddf12c9 Stop loading the custom file. It causes too many problems with light 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 6abf41b742 Deferred more packages for faster init time. 3 years ago
  WolfeCub 604e9b92ed Remove zoom mode. Load custom file (for safe file local variables) 3 years ago
  WolfeCub e5f44d7e04 Added python hydra and zoom mode. 3 years ago
  WolfeCub 656f4771e5 Started using elpy instead of jedi for python 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ea4959566a Added rust modes 3 years ago
  WolfeCub db7ab593cc Minor tweaks to updated depriciated functions and add variables 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 1d3863b6db Fixed issue with file path for agenda file 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 7c0c856a12 Added some defers for speed 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 9577af0be9 Removed magithub and tweaked pretty symbols hooks 3 years ago
  WolfeCub 91b132602f Update emacs-lisp-mode pretty symbols 3 years ago
  WolfeCub 6a431496f4 Added evil visual star to easily search with */# from visual mode 3 years ago
  WolfeCub 7949e13869 Hide emphasis markers in org tree slide mode 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe c20911fa65 Updated UTF-8 font and added more ligatures 3 years ago