188 Комити (8272d6a9e8bbd72b92e14a5fd86c451ab0620434)

Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Josh Wolfe 8272d6a9e8
Tweaked setting for new bspwm config and small emacs tags tweak пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 54dc126dbf
Tweaked emacs org settings, add zsh send command and i3 keybindings пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe da07f29a31
Updated emacs config and removed TODOs пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 66dd2d08b2
Fixed persp mode naming bug пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 9bfdb9bb0c
Fixed persp mode bug and lazy load more stuff. Fixed rofi mode in i3 пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 611ffa3910
Shrink org src lines and add exec path from shell пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 81a8efc7b3
Added shell-pop and removed treemacs пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe b5fd1991d8
Reverted to base16 color scheme пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe b30afd5058
Tweaked regex for matching TODO/FIXMEs пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe fcefa9e46f
Added persp mode improvements пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 84e7c99c04 Added more persp configuration to integrate with ivy & projectile пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 1f92c8b13d Lexical binding, persp, shackle, eclim, helpful & daemon пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 3ddfae26c3 Added frequently used libraries пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 1a82dd69a6 Added evil-exchange and updated iedit colors to match theme пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe ebabbc84d2 Added a few new packages and removed unwanted packages пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 325b9db2c5 Using :e with counsel properly updates evil-ex history пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe cf34dc01f3 Changed to doom mode-line пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 3a828338b3 Updated font settings пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe cd81b1736e Stop org files from having their own color in ivy switch buffer пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 84b130cbbe Added dumb-jump for dead simple jump to definition пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe c0fc653b10 Deleted midnight-mode пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 6eaf483777 Convert a few define-keys to :bind пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe 2eae74600d Fixed evil-motion cursor to show up properly (for help buffers) пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe eccbf03360 Don't ignore errors also inherit more colors for company. пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe ddcce42106 Added new them and added some javascript debugging modes. пре 1 година
  Josh Wolfe f041e961d8 Added jsx mode for react in emacs пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe e0e0c48cce Added quick run package to emacs config пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 9bddb058f1 Seperated a code block into two seperate headingings пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe b6f82b6ce2 Removed outdated repo and added a few ivy tweaks (rich, icons) пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 068f0b1dd8 Removed unrequired if statement when checking for backup directories пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 6de998c482 Don't quote lambda expressions пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe acb766f915 Added hook to auto-save archive files пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 25d19f6550 Fixed tag column пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 6058efec58 Added hook for autosetting org-tags-column based on frame-width пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 2ac0c2c465 Properly resolve dropbox path on windows & update org-capture пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe a562880a77 Addded ox-hugo and more c# snippets пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 9aeb0d8d1a Added yasnippet пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe ae0665f48b Fixed merge issue пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 4141d3fc5e Fixed merge пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 8c9beee4c5 Fix line numbers, update omnisharp hydra & projectile ignored files пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 67efcba84e Ignore swap files пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 274902c867 Use major mode hydra for handling context aware hydras пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 25ea5722a0 Tweaked compile bindings and omnisharp hydra пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 422137ad89 Fixed up compilation for C# to work properly inside of emacs пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe f9177945cd Updated eval and replace to work with region пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 4c7415695b Moved exwm to literate config and addeding quit binding in help-mode пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe a7b337050f Added eval+replace function & updated ag functions to use counsel пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 83df95b53c Updated :todo ex command to accept ! option to search current file пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 81fa1d15b7 Added some org/graphviz, ivy and doom todo tweaks пре 2 година
  Josh Wolfe 90a3edcb66 Added flyspell mode map + windows settings пре 2 година