803 Commits (7d33a537772e9f702c7e9de9f9261c5ef5113933)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Josh Wolfe 7d33a53777 Moved general, added local leader & dotnet interface 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe a05072b237 Add eshell for windows and treemacs for lsp-errors 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 11e35a6ed1 Make wolfe! compute more at compile time 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 1a62d3aacb Tweaked hook order for perscient folder face function 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 344d7d2007 Added :after-call use package defer & share *Messages* across persps 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 5e79c58947 Add :after-call, more laziness & misc cleanup 5 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 45981e47e3 Trigger first input after a single leader press 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 9e516d9335 Optimize emacs startup. Heavy refactoring inspired by doom 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 0059387ec6 Ivy, Counsel & Swiper -> Selectrum & Consult 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 10f6b9ac10 Add early init and cleanup unused configs 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe a43593be1c Reorganized org babel custom modes 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 1e331f80e4 Hot company load now runs company-complete rather than default 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe e4f63c6944 Tweaked perspective settings 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 036f21416f Moved from persp-mode to perspective and added Dockerfile mode and org-tree-slide. Also tweaked git get alias 6 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 910f8b2531 Remove evil-magit, add lsp bindings and switch to parinfer rust 8 months ago
  Josh Wolfe a8b154df49 Added more projectile keybinds and cleaned up configs 8 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 28241578fe Removed old unused configs 8 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 021e705f55 Removed hyrda from emacs configuration 8 months ago
  Josh Wolfe 2e5ada2de9 Added haskell lsp & switch to doom modeline 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 59e65dc7f9 Add a GC performance tweaks. Remove togetherly 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe aa05ab4db6 Added prescient, ligatures and LOTS of lazy loads 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe f0a54aab19 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:WolfeCub/dotfiles 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 87e3599226 Misc emacs tweaks 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe e2963c7f3f Cleaned up emacs configuration 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 5f5ba36e08 Added nixos for WSL and updated firewall script 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe e823ef19b5 Tweaked deferring and loading for a faster startup time 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 0ed8fccf8b Added branch alias 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 1aea53bdcc Updated gitignore changes 1 year ago
  Joshua Wolfe b6bdfbad5e
Updated README to reflect emacs changes 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe a91d2b0dd8 Extracted literate config out into modules for easier maintainability. More refactoring required 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe fb75f9e090 Added purescript ide and vueclass snippet 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe c6b53d3f71 Added alacritty config 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 09816179ff Added WSL firewall script 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe a4b4f9d0c8 Cleaned up zsh config 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 6e3f3898cc Remove unused configs 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe d983195510 Migrated tmux config 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 766a63780b Merge master 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 099f2f6161 Cleaned up unused and incompatable items in emacs config 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 026fc50d51 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:WolfeCub/dotfiles 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 0f0fb1d204 Cleaned up emacs config and fixed git aliases 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 7d52c10aa0
Minor zsh cleanup and tweaks 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 4ac9d50204 Replaced multiple langs with lsp-mode and moved to nextcloud 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 8a9a8dff2e Removed major mode hydra submodule 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 35d5c7032a Tweaked hydra, persp and omnisharp settings to work more smoothly 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 8d6504a2ea Removed old and unused configurations 1 year ago
  Josh Wolfe 534b146e64
Updated bspwm settings 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe c4b88f7245
Added polybar and bspwm tweaks 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 4c6b737eba
Renamed workspaces 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 1625c9797e
Tweaked vim completion 2 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 8272d6a9e8
Tweaked setting for new bspwm config and small emacs tags tweak 2 years ago