637 Commits (10b421fb879a433e322a2144ccb5d53054a8e9dd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Josh Wolfe 10b421fb87 Added openbox config 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe b49c4f8d7d Added treemacs and updated a hulper function to assist. 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe fe58a8b35b Automatically start X11 in tty1 on login 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe d3943960a0 Reorganized env variables and added a few aliases 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 0e2b1a532a Added arrow keys for easy tab navigation 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe c522c35ac8 Added randomizing wallpaper 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ab54995abf Fixed issue using :general from use-package 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe a067d181fd Updated path for symlink 3 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 536f1bdc40 Updated counsel-project to match latest spec. 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 1afef3ef33 Updated emacs UTF8 for terminal and fixed i3 bindings 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 485a8637ae Added section for things I should read about than will be useful 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 4967df68af Added go mode settings and go completion 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ebaddf12c9 Stop loading the custom file. It causes too many problems with light 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 6abf41b742 Deferred more packages for faster init time. 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe fd19e832fb Updated gitignore for un-needed emacs files 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 604e9b92ed Remove zoom mode. Load custom file (for safe file local variables) 4 years ago
  WolfeCub e5f44d7e04 Added python hydra and zoom mode. 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 656f4771e5 Started using elpy instead of jedi for python 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe c87c010072 Removed swap file 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe a2b88377bd Resolved merge conflict 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe f84da8f3fd Merge branch 'master' of github.com:WolfeCub/dotfiles 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe ea4959566a Added rust modes 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 4c8a9327d3 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/WolfeCub/dotfiles 4 years ago
  WolfeCub db7ab593cc Minor tweaks to updated depriciated functions and add variables 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 1d3863b6db Fixed issue with file path for agenda file 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 7c0c856a12 Added some defers for speed 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 89ea2f2eec Updated i3 config to always call scripts 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 0bd3ab3066 Cleaned up misc features that I've started to find annoying 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 9577af0be9 Removed magithub and tweaked pretty symbols hooks 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 91b132602f Update emacs-lisp-mode pretty symbols 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 6a431496f4 Added evil visual star to easily search with */# from visual mode 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 7949e13869 Hide emphasis markers in org tree slide mode 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe c20911fa65 Updated UTF-8 font and added more ligatures 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 50bc665d17 Added header toggle binding for org-tree-slides 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 78f38cf5c3 Ignore server 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 821f51e383 Added org-tree-slides transient mapping for easier navigation 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 69c7468f27 Added org tree slide 4 years ago
  WolfeCub ee0c4645c0 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/WolfeCub/dotfiles 4 years ago
  WolfeCub abf71e9bbe Updated TODO list for dotfiles. 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe b725fcc6ea Added empty set for None 4 years ago
  WolfeCub 1ad4784cc2 Fixed link formatting 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 5bcd9dd5c6 Configured prettify symbols mode and added UTF-8 fallback font 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 4e216d13a9 Added prettify symbols mode in any prog modes 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe cbb516a7c2 Added macro for custom argument handling 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 04ec72c536 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:WolfeCub/dotfiles 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe 96ca2d14cb Added nim mode 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe b17a279143 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:WolfeCub/dotfiles 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe a5980eb9db Added magithub and moved irc password information location. 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe bab3e17788 Added matching variable to check for dark theme 4 years ago
  Josh Wolfe d0b9acc9a9 Merge conflict resolved 4 years ago