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Added new them and added some javascript debugging modes.

Josh Wolfe 2 years ago
2 changed files with 154 additions and 15 deletions
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emacs/.emacs.d/ View File

@@ -165,22 +165,16 @@ Configuration for my dark theme =base16 default dark= which is loaded by default

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle yes
(defun wolfe/dark-setup ()
(use-package base16-theme
(load-theme 'base16-default-dark t)

(defvar my/base16-colors base16-default-dark-colors)
(setq evil-emacs-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base0D) box)
evil-insert-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base0D) bar)
evil-motion-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base0E) box)
evil-normal-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base07) box)
evil-replace-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base08) bar)
evil-visual-state-cursor `(,(plist-get my/base16-colors :base09) box))
(set-face-attribute 'fringe nil :background nil))
(setq evil-emacs-state-cursor `(,"#81a2be" box)
evil-insert-state-cursor `(,"#81a2be" bar)
evil-motion-state-cursor `(,"#85678f" (hbar . 15))
evil-normal-state-cursor `(,"#f8f8f8" box)
evil-replace-state-cursor `(,"#a54242" (hbar . 10))
evil-visual-state-cursor `(,"#ff6000" box))
(load-theme 'my t)
(set-face-attribute 'fringe nil :background nil)

'(region ((t (:background "gray19"))))
'(org-block ((t (:foreground "#d8d8d8"))))
'(org-done ((t (:box (:line-width 1) :weight bold))))
'(org-level-1 ((t (:inherit outline-1 :height 1.3))))
'(org-todo ((t (:box (:line-width 1) :weight bold))))))
@@ -1372,6 +1366,10 @@ Project management
(add-hook 'web-mode-hook 'tern-mode))

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle yes
(use-package indium)

Basic editing mode for React.js files.

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle yes
@@ -1557,6 +1555,14 @@ Shows hex colors inline.
:defer t)

** Midnight Mode

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle yes
(use-package midnight
(midnight-delay-set 'midnight-delay "4:00am"))

** Org Jira

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :tangle yes
@@ -1727,7 +1733,6 @@ On the fly syntax checking
(define-key gnus-group-mode-map
;; list all the subscribed groups even they contain zero un-read messages
(kbd "o") 'my-gnus-group-list-subscribed-groups)


** IRC

+ 134
- 0
emacs/.emacs.d/themes/my-theme.el View File

@@ -0,0 +1,134 @@
(deftheme my "Simple flat dark theme.")
(provide-theme 'my)

(require 'cus-edit) ; for buttons

(let (;; theme base colors
(theme-background "#000000")
(theme-foreground "#c5c8c6")
(theme-accent "#ff6000")
(theme-bright "#ffffff")
(theme-faint "#373b41")
(theme-dark "#111213")
(theme-very-dark "#090909")

;; emacs common colors
(theme-red "#cc6666")
(theme-green "#b5bd68")
(theme-yellow "#f0c674")
(theme-blue "#81a2be")
(theme-pink "#b294bb")

;; font lock palette
(theme-palette-1 "#5f819d")
(theme-palette-2 "#f0c674")
(theme-palette-3 "#a54242")
(theme-palette-4 "#666d65")
(theme-palette-5 "#de935f")
(theme-palette-6 "#85678f")
(theme-palette-7 "#81a2be")
(theme-palette-8 "#b5bd68"))


;; basic faces
`(default ((t (:foreground ,theme-foreground :background ,theme-background))))
`(shadow ((t (:foreground ,theme-faint))))
`(link ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent :underline (:color foreground-color :style line)))))
`(link-visited ((t (:inherit (link) :weight normal))))
`(highlight ((t (:background ,theme-dark))))
`(match ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent))))
`(isearch ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-accent))))
`(lazy-highlight ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-bright))))
`(error ((t (:foreground ,theme-red))))
`(warning ((t (:foreground ,theme-yellow))))
`(success ((t (:foreground ,theme-green))))

;; header/mode line
`(mode-line ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent :background ,theme-dark :box (:line-width 1 :color ,theme-dark :style nil)))))
`(mode-line-inactive ((t (:inherit (mode-line) :foreground ,theme-bright))))
`(mode-line-highlight ((t (:inverse-video t :box nil))))
`(header-line ((t (:inherit (mode-line) :foreground ,theme-foreground))))

;; font lock
`(font-lock-function-name-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-1))))
`(font-lock-variable-name-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-2))))
`(font-lock-keyword-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-3))))
`(font-lock-comment-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-4))))
`(font-lock-type-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-5))))
`(font-lock-constant-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-6))))
`(font-lock-builtin-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-7))))
`(font-lock-string-face ((t (:foreground ,theme-palette-8))))
`(font-lock-negation-char-face ((t (:inherit (default)))))

;; highlightings
`(hi-black-b ((t (:inherit (bold)))))
`(hi-black-hb ((t (:inherit (bold)))))
`(hi-blue ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-blue))))
`(hi-blue-b ((t (:inherit (hi-blue bold) :inverse-video t))))
`(hi-green ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-green))))
`(hi-green-b ((t (:inherit (hi-green bold) :inverse-video t))))
`(hi-pink ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-pink))))
`(hi-red-b ((t (:inherit (bold) :foreground ,theme-red))))
`(hi-yellow ((t (:foreground ,theme-background :background ,theme-yellow))))

;; others
`(vertical-border ((t (:foreground ,theme-dark))))
`(cursor ((t (:background ,theme-bright))))
`(fringe ((t (:foreground ,theme-dark))))
`(minibuffer-prompt ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent :weight bold))))
`(region ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent :background ,theme-faint))))
`(secondary-selection ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent :background ,theme-dark))))
`(isearch-fail ((t (:inherit (error)))))
`(completions-common-part ((t (:inherit (shadow)))))
`(completions-first-difference ((t (:foreground ,theme-accent))))
`(widget-button ((t (:inherit (custom-button)))))
`(widget-button-pressed ((t (:inherit (custom-button-pressed)))))

;; fix: compilation
`(compilation-mode-line-exit ((t (:inherit (success)))))
`(compilation-mode-line-run ((t (:inherit (warning)))))
`(compilation-mode-line-fail ((t (:inherit (error)))))

;; fix: show-paren
`(show-paren-match ((t (:inherit (bold) :foreground ,theme-accent))))
`(show-paren-mismatch ((t (:inherit (error) :inverse-video t))))

;; fix: eshell
`(eshell-prompt ((t (:inherit (minibuffer-prompt)))))

;; fix: term
`(term-color-black ((t (:foreground ,theme-faint :background ,theme-faint))))

;; fix: woman
`(woman-bold ((t (:inherit (bold) :foreground ,theme-bright))))
`(woman-italic ((t (:inherit (italic) :foreground ,theme-green))))

;; fix: js2-mode
`(js2-object-property ((t (:inherit (font-lock-builtin-face)))))

;; fix: erc
`(erc-prompt-face ((t (:inherit (minibuffer-prompt)))))
`(erc-timestamp-face ((t (:inherit (shadow)))))
`(erc-notice-face ((t (:inherit (shadow bold)))))

;; fix: markdown-mode
`(markdown-code-face ((t (:background ,theme-very-dark))))

;; fix: org-mode
`(org-block ((t (:background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-code ((t (:inherit (font-lock-string-face) :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-verbatim ((t (:inherit (font-lock-string-face) :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-document-info-keyword ((t (:inherit (org-meta-line)))))
`(org-block-begin-line ((t (:inherit (org-meta-line) :height 0.7))))
`(org-block-end-line ((t (:inherit (org-meta-line) :height 0.7))))
`(org-ellipsis ((t (:inherit (link)))))
`(org-level-1 ((t (:inherit (outline-1 bold) :height 1.4 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-2 ((t (:inherit (outline-2) :height 1.1 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-3 ((t (:inherit (outline-3) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-4 ((t (:inherit (outline-4) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-5 ((t (:inherit (outline-5) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-6 ((t (:inherit (outline-6) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-7 ((t (:inherit (outline-7) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))
`(org-level-8 ((t (:inherit (outline-8) :height 1.0 :background ,theme-very-dark))))))