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Updated TODO list for dotfiles.

WolfeCub 5 years ago
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* Dotfiles Todo List
#+TITLE: Dotfile Todos
#+Author: Josh Wolfe
* About
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This todo list is mostly for me to keep track of the things I want to do.
It contains ideas I have for packages and tweaks as well as other people's
packages and configs that I should look into.
* Notable configs to look into
- [[][angrybacon/dotemacs]]
- literate
- lots of images
- package explanations
- exwm
- [[][abo-abo/oremacs]]
- [[][wasamasa/dotemacs]]
- literate
- evil
- very well documented
- [[][IvanMalison/dotfiles]]
- literate
- term-mode
- org export
- [[][joedicastro/dotfiles]]
- literate
- images for explanation
- hydras
- mu4e
* TODO Find a suitable shell setup inside emacs
Currently I use =urxvt= as an external terminal. Ideally I would like to run
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all of the configuration in elisp. The other (and more likely option) is using
=shell=, =term= or =ansi-term= with packages like [[][=better-shell=]].
* TODO Write a package that integrates =org-mode= into projects
* TODO Find additional performance tweaks on windows
Currently I use windows at work and have found that some things don't perform as
quickly as they do on linux. A few things that require more investigation are:
- =UTF-8= font display drastically slows down emacs
- =Magit= is quite slow though this is probably caused by =git= slowness
* UNDERWAY Write a package that integrates =org-mode= into projects
I'm working on this project at [[][=org-project=]] on my github if you're interested in contributing.
The general idea of this package would be to have a org file that integrates
with either projectile or git projects that can link directly to =TODO:='s in
with either projectile or git projects that can link directly to =TODO:='s in
code. In addition it should be able remove the TODO from the code once the org
item has been completed.