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  Teknikode 284e587798 Added GitVersionTask to Nuget Packages. пре 7 година
  Teknikode c187cf53e7 Changed Database queries to synchronous from asynchronous. пре 7 година
  Teknikode d3d2c54096 Changed Module scheme to have each module a separate project/dll. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 7e4dc0343d Added Owner Module. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 9b8a04a7bf Added Url Parsing. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 56804676c1 Added Search module with google search. пре 7 година
  Teknikode f6964219d8 Added weather commands. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 08923b3987 Added moderation module. пре 7 година
  Teknikode a95e397dd1 Added Version and Invite modules. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 4fcff398e1 Added Command parsing to main Bot class. пре 7 година
  Teknikode f2b81f19b8 Added Module loading and running. пре 7 година
  Teknikode c01fd78a24 Added new files. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 7625034ebd Added comments. пре 7 година
  Teknikode a5e849b804 Added configuration saving and loading. пре 7 година
  Teknikode ca82f763d0 Added message parsing. Added Message events. Added basic interface. Separated core services into separate modules. пре 7 година
  Teknikode af341bbfed Added methods. Made Nick and Channel classes separate files. пре 7 година
  Teknikode d4f0c2b45c Added Methods for sending IRC Commands. Restructured class hierarchy. пре 7 година
  Teknikode 2bf841fd34 Added initial Module and Access class. Modified class initialization sequence пре 7 година
  Teknikode f11b1b978e Updated project пре 7 година
  Teknikode d6e2cc1529 Added checks for tcp connection and modified interface class name пре 7 година
  Teknikode 0f1fc5cd01 Initial Commit of Combot Source пре 7 година