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Combot is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for those who wish to run an IRC bot easily. It includes many useful features as well as fun games. It can even be used as your personal client!

# **Combot is currently under development. It can break at any time until Release**
**Currently Under Development**

## Feature Set

* To be determined
* Auto-Reconnect Available
* Server Specific Configurations
* Nickname and Channel Blacklists
* Simple Yet Powerful Command Structure
* Hot loaded Modules
* Bot Configuration Access
* Automatic Invite Accepts
* Channel Moderation Control
* Message and Highlight Spam Control
* Messaging System
* Weather Information
* Google and Youtube search
* URL Information Display
* Channel Introductions
* Wolfram Alpha
* Nick Quotes
* Decision Maker
* Channel Rules
* Nick Last Seen

## Installation - Windows

1) Download the from the latest release in and extract the files to a directory of your choice.<br>
2) Run Combot.exe

## Installation - Linux

This is currently untested and not supported. Due to the interface using WPF, Mono is unable to run the current interface on Linux machines. In the future I may make an interface that does not utilize WPF for those on Linux.

## Bugs/Feature Requests

Please report all bugs you find to me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Also if you have any feature requests, feel free to send them to me as well.
@@ -23,4 +46,5 @@ Please report all bugs you find to me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Al

IRC: (<br>
IRC: (<br>
Nick: Uncled1023