Updated 3 weeks ago

All my configs for home assistant

Updated 2 months ago

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Personal scripts and doodads

Updated 3 years ago

A .net console app that acts as an external authentication for ejabberd to an IMAP server.

Updated 4 years ago

C# Coding Excercise

Updated 5 years ago

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An IRC library written in C#

Updated 5 years ago

C# 3 4

The easy to use and full featured Irc Bot everyone is talking about!

Updated 5 years ago

.NET Pygments is wrapper library created on top of pygments - a python library for syntax higlighting. The source is compiled using IronPython so that .Net developers can leverages the power of pygments.

Updated 6 years ago

Background LED changer program for interfacing via Serial to a RGB device.

Updated 6 years ago

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A simple PHP imageboard.

Updated 6 years ago

C# 1 0

Updated 6 years ago

A simple demonstration of OOP styles.

Updated 7 years ago