Tools to interface with Teknik Services.
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__module_name__ = "Teknik Upload"
__module_version__ = "1.0"
__module_description__ = "Upload files to Teknik"
import hexchat
import base64
import json
import tkinter as tk
from tkinter.filedialog import askopenfilename
# Requires Install
import requests
defaultUrl = ''
defaultUsername = ''
defaultToken = ''
def teknik_prompt():
# Get current config values
apiUrl = defaultUrl
apiUsername = defaultUsername
apiToken = defaultToken
cfgUrl = hexchat.get_pluginpref('teknik_url')
if cfgUrl is not None:
apiUrl = cfgUrl
cfgUsername = hexchat.get_pluginpref('teknik_username')
if cfgUsername is not None:
apiUsername = cfgUsername
cfgToken = hexchat.get_pluginpref('teknik_auth_token')
if cfgToken is not None:
apiToken = cfgToken
# Prompt for a file
root = tk.Tk()
file_path = askopenfilename()
if file_path != '':
# Create the request
files = {'file': open(file_path, "rb")}
# Create a header if they have added auth info
headers = {}
if apiUsername != '' and apiToken != '':
encAuth = base64.b64encode(apiUsername + ':' + apiToken)
headers = {'Authorization': 'Basic ' + encAuth}
r =, files=files, headers=headers)
jObj = json.loads(r.text)
# Either print the result to the input box, or write the error message to the window
if 'error' in jObj:
hexchat.prnt('Error: ' + jObj['error']['message'])
elif 'result' in jObj:
hexchat.command("settext " + jObj['result']['url'])
hexchat.prnt('Unknown Error')
def teknik_set_url(url):
hexchat.set_pluginpref('teknik_url', url)
def teknik_set_token(token):
hexchat.set_pluginpref('teknik_auth_token', token)
def teknik_set_username(username):
hexchat.set_pluginpref('teknik_username', username)
def teknik_command(word, word_eol, userdata):
if len(word) < 2:
command = word[1].lower()
if command == 'username':
if len(word) < 3:
hexchat.prnt("Error: You must specify a username")
elif command == 'token':
if len(word) < 3:
hexchat.prnt("Error: You must specify an auth token")
elif command == 'url':
if len(word) < 3:
hexchat.prnt("Error: You must specify an api url")
hexchat.prnt("Error: Unrecognized Command")
return hexchat.EAT_ALL
hexchat.hook_command("TEKNIK", teknik_command, help="""Allows uploading of a file to Teknik and sharing the url directly to the chat.
TEKNIK username <username>
TEKNIK token <auth_token>
TEKNIK url <api_url>""")