Teknik is a suite of services with attractive and functional interfaces. https://www.teknik.io/
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<h2>Teknik Services</h2>
<h3>Important Links</h3>
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
<dt><a href="<?php echo get_page_url("transparency", $CONF); ?>" target="_blank">Site Transparency</a></dt>
<dd>All the site's transactions, statistics, and data effecting actions.</dd>
<dt><a href="<?php echo get_page_url("privacy", $CONF); ?>" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a></dt>
<dd>Everything about how we handle your privacy.</dd>
<dt><a href="<?php echo get_page_url("stats", $CONF); ?>" target="_blank">Server Statistics</a></dt>
<dd>The current Server Hardware statistics that Teknik is running on.</dd>