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//check to see that the form has been submitted
//delete user from mail-server
$obBaseApp = new COM("hMailServer.Application");
$obBaseApp->Authenticate($CONF['mail_admin_user'], $CONF['mail_admin_pass']);
$domain = $obBaseApp->Domains->ItemByName($CONF['host']);
$email = $user->username . "@" . $CONF['host'];
$account = $domain->Accounts->ItemByAddress($email);
//delete any public keys from git auth
$Git = new Git();
$repo = $Git->open($CONF['git_repo_path'][0].'gitolite-admin\\');
$repo->setenv('HOME', '/home/www_user');
$dir = $CONF['git_repo_path'][0].'gitolite-admin\\keydir\\u\\'.$user->username;
if (is_dir($dir))
foreach (glob($dir."\\*") as $filename)
if (is_file($filename))
$repo->run('rm keydir/u/'.$user->username.'/'.basename($filename));
$repo->commit('Removed all keys for '.$user->username);
$repo->push('origin', 'master');
$r = new minecraftRcon($CONF['minecraft_server'], $CONF['rcon_port'], $CONF['rcon_pass']);
// Authenticate, and if so, execute command(s)
if ( $r->Auth() ) {
$r->mcRconCommand('pex user '.$user->minecraft_user." group remove Member");
//delete the user from the main database
//log the user out
echo "true";
echo "false";