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Piwik modifications to libs/

In general, bug fixes and improvements are reported upstream. Until these are included upstream, we maintain a list of bug fixes and local mods made to third-party libraries:

  • HTML/Quickform2/
    • in r2626, php 5.1.6 incompatibility
    • in r3040, exception classes don’t follow PEAR naming convention
  • pChart2.1.3/
    • the following unused files were removed: class/pBarcode39.class.php, class/pBarcode128.class.php, class/pBubble.class.php, class/pCache.class.php, class/pIndicator.class.php, class/pRadar.class.php, class/pScatter.class.php, class/pSplit.class.php, class/pSpring.class.php, class/pStock.class.php, class/pSurface.class.php, data/, examples/, fonts/, palettes/
    • The bug #4206 (GD with JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support) was fixed in this commit: 516c13d9b1 Changed files: class/pImage.class.php class/pDraw.class.php
  • PclZip/
    • in r1960, ignore touch() - utime failed warning
  • PEAR/, PEAR.php
    • in r2419, add static keyword to isError and raiseError as it throws notices in HTML_Quickform2
    • in r2422, is_a() is deprecated for php 5.0 to 5.2.x
  • sparkline/
    • in r1296, remove require_once
    • empty sparklines with floats, off-by-one errors, and locale conflict
  • tcpdf/
    • in 6f945465fe fixed a bug reported in the forums
    • in 566c63a52e fixed another couple bugs with fopen throwing warnings
  • Zend/
    • strip require_once (to support autoloading)
    • in r3694, fix ZF-10888 and ZF-10835
    • ZF-10871 - undefined variables when socket support disabled