Public Information

The following information is publicly available.

  • Email Address (
  • Published Blog Posts
  • Comments
  • Uploads (Only accessible by direct link)
  • Git Repositories
  • Pastes without passwords
  • User Profile
    • Registration Date
    • Last Login Date
    • About
    • Website
    • Quote

Data We Collect

Teknik collects the following data when you use our services and is used only internally.

  • User ID - Your internal user ID is associated with any of the following actions while logged in:
    • Upload File
    • Paste
    • Blog Post + Comments
    • Ricehalla Post
  • Dates - When you perform an action (ie: register an account), the date of the action will be recorded.
  • Emails - Any email you send or receive with your email address is stored locally onto the server.

Cookies We Store

While browsing we store the following cookies onto your machine.

  • PHPSESSION - Used by PHP for the server-side code that is ran.
  • auth - Used to authenticate a persistent login (activated when you choose 'remember me' at login).
  • _ga, _pk_id, _pk_ref, piwik_auth - Used as an identifier for site statistics. This can be disabled through the user profile.