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  Teknikode ac63bf2055 Removed 'What is Teknik' 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 1de66fcf95 Disabled auto-load of podcasts 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 0fdf676c2f Modified column 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 305be4e52e modified formatting. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode b1b71ef916 Added Bitcoin Address. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode d8a52a6c79 Removed coin tipper scripts. Added basic address and paypal link. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 1d01c861ef Added new coin js file. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode b97d2bfd35 Fixed syntax error 5 лет назад
  Teknikode f2a006e32d Fixed buttons. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 1fee14a943 Modified coin donation buttons. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode f18dc3ea70 Added new donation method. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 35f92fe05b Removed Try-Catch, removed irc status from about page, updated home page. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 31ffecacdf added debug to lookup 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 9e58eff225 Modified blockchain address. 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 681955381f Added poomf as new service that uses Teknik 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 84d86ab2e5 Fixed podcast infinite scroll issue 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 7af6f14c1d Fixed blog infinite scroll issue 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 8c9484f13f Fixed weird error where random users where shown as creators 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 0692125b1e Fixed logos 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 94225af92b Fixed height 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 408d13e782 removed responsiveness 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 14d3e88ef4 added height 5 лет назад
  Teknikode b067b2529e Added logo to nav bar 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 6be6aa2e67 Added website for dronedaddy 5 лет назад
  Teknikode af95f720cf Added new logo's designed by dronedaddy 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 9b51ad4b21 Added email password change to main password change 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 1cb64eb1f0 Fixed max file size 5 лет назад
  Teknikode ce2a83fea8 Modified web.config to allow larger file uploads 5 лет назад
  Teknikode d1d14478a6 Modified web.config to allow larger file uploads 5 лет назад
  Teknikode f16e9307a7 Fixed logout on delete account 5 лет назад
  Teknikode e8c1fe801d Changed API to return by Rank by default 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 1dc1531684 Reordered file types for git 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 9109f9a20f Added .csproj to filetypes 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 13fbd920c8 Modified hard coded repo dir to use Config value 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 6c706da181 Added ranking to Creation page 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 65e36e828e Removed webm support as thumbnail generator doesn't support them 5 лет назад
  Teknikode a2d54e3400 Added webm support to ricehalla 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 6d6374fdd3 Fixed rank being index 0 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 172b093e98 Fixed response set for api 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 81939e95b6 Update API help 5 лет назад
  Teknikode 90561fb836 Added ranking to ricehalla api results 5 лет назад
  Teknikode a2a8626f17 Added URL Decode to RSS feed titles 6 лет назад
  Teknikode eebc2cce62 Fixed breadcrumb echoing user object and not user name 6 лет назад
  Teknikode 5d23125797 Merge branch 'master' of teknik.io:u/KittyKatt/Teknik into development 6 лет назад
  Brett Bohnenkamper 3bf2415fc7 Add breadcrumbs to individual blog posts to get back to original post list. 6 лет назад
  Teknikode f0f529954d Merge teknik.io:u/KittyKatt/Teknik 6 лет назад
  Brett Bohnenkamper c36e46a789 Should not show Git on profile if no repos exist. 6 лет назад
  Teknikode 57a9e60b35 Merge teknik.io:u/KittyKatt/Teknik 6 лет назад
  Brett Bohnenkamper 5c5fe12916 Adding git link to user's profile page. 6 лет назад
  Teknikode f0b679f2a2 Merge teknik.io:u/KittyKatt/Teknik 6 лет назад