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  Teknikode eebc2cce62 Fixed breadcrumb echoing user object and not user name 5 years ago
  Brett Bohnenkamper 3bf2415fc7 Add breadcrumbs to individual blog posts to get back to original post list. 5 years ago
  Brett Bohnenkamper 567ed593e9 Don't code too fast, kiddos. 5 years ago
  Brett Bohnenkamper fb1cbf03dc Fix for replies. A element, not div. 5 years ago
  Brett Bohnenkamper 37a174947f Add link to replies in Replies: to link straight to the anchor on post page. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 04659ee6c2 Added web.config files 6 years ago
  Teknikode 1d9bc1ad22 Replaced all subdirectory specific url generation with page specific 6 years ago
  Teknikode dbd8c07348 Initial Commit of Teknik Source 6 years ago