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  Teknikode 8c9484f13f Fixed weird error where random users where shown as creators 5 years ago
  Teknikode 6c706da181 Added ranking to Creation page 5 years ago
  Teknikode 65e36e828e Removed webm support as thumbnail generator doesn't support them 5 years ago
  Teknikode a2d54e3400 Added webm support to ricehalla 5 years ago
  Teknikode 236b1d0f5d Added Absolute value to ricehalla ranking 5 years ago
  Teknikode e9e3bf47b1 Modified ranking algorithm 5 years ago
  Teknikode 5fc9835fe1 New Ranking Method 5 years ago
  Teknikode 68ce686384 Fixing the sql statement? 5 years ago
  Teknikode 6ed563c804 Fixing ranking scheme 5 years ago
  Teknikode d855c0bd71 Modified Ricehalla ranking scheme 5 years ago
  Teknikode 78508ca145 Fixed tags not getting edited correctly 5 years ago
  Teknikode 47f39fee9b Fix editing tags not updating tags. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 17b2554596 Fixed thumbnails not loading correctly 5 years ago
  Teknikode 81fa651e4b Fixed not using correct file name for checking 5 years ago
  Teknikode 138ec3e967 Fixed Ricehalla image addition not using new upload table scheme 5 years ago
  Teknikode 04659ee6c2 Added web.config files 5 years ago
  Teknikode 1d9bc1ad22 Replaced all subdirectory specific url generation with page specific 5 years ago
  Teknikode dbd8c07348 Initial Commit of Teknik Source 5 years ago