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  1. ???????????????????????????????????????????
  2. ? ?
  3. ? pChart - a PHP Charting library ?
  4. ? ?
  5. ? Version : 2.1.3 ?
  6. ? Made by : Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI ?
  7. ? Last Update : 09/09/11 ?
  8. ? ?
  9. ???????????????????????????????????????????
  10. 2.1.3 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. o Updated drawPlotChart() to size the plot based on the serie weight.
  12. o Added the drawXThreshold() function.
  13. o Added the drawXThresholdArea() function.
  14. o Added the AreaName param. to drawXThresholdArea() and drawThresholdArea().
  15. o Various visual enhancements.
  16. o Fixed a bug in the drawPlotChart() function.
  17. o Added shadow support for the Area charts.
  18. o Added the BorderWidth parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function.
  19. o Added the Shape parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function.
  20. o Added the AXIS_FORMAT_CUSTOM for user callback handling.
  21. o Rewritten the drawStackedAreaChart() function.
  22. o Added support for labels on stacked charts.
  23. o Added the createFunctionSerie() function to the pData class.
  24. o Added the drawScatterThreshold() function to the pScatter class.
  25. o Added the drawScatterThresholdArea() function to the pScatter class.
  26. o Added the setAbsicssaPosition() function to the pData class.
  27. o Added the NegateValues() function to the pData class.
  28. o Added the NoMargin parameter to the drawThresholdArea & drawThreshold fcts.
  29. o Added the drawAreaMirror() function.
  30. o Added the EURO_SYMBOL constant.
  31. o Added the replaceImageMapValues() function.
  32. o Added the replaceImageMapTitle() function.
  33. o Thresholds functions can now accept an array of points.
  34. o Added the FixedMax parameter to both the Radar and Polar charts.
  35. o Added the Precision parameter to the pie and ring charts.
  36. o Added the DisplayOrientation parameter to the bar & stacked bar charts.
  37. o Fixed a bug while using the drawBestFit function with VOID datasets.
  38. o Added the RemoveXAxis option to the drawScale() function.
  39. 2.1.2 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  40. o Added zone threshold support for filled area charts.
  41. o Added zone threshold support for filled spline charts.
  42. o Added the setScatterSerieShape() function.
  43. o Added the getSerieMedian() function.
  44. o Added the drawZoneChart() function.
  45. o Added the getStandardDeviation() function.
  46. o Added the getCoefficientOfVariation() function.
  47. o Added the getGeometricMean() function.
  48. o Added the getHarmonicMean() function.
  49. o Introduced support for imageMap.
  50. o Added the initialiseImageMap() function.
  51. o Added the addToImageMap() function.
  52. o Added the dumpImageMap() function.
  53. o Added value writting supports to the radars & polars charts.
  54. o Added the option to add an inner border to the reg. and stacked bar charts.
  55. o Added the SERIE_SHAPE_DIAMOND and SERIE_SHAPE_FILLEDDIAMOND series shapes.
  56. o Fixed a visual bug in the drawAreaChart function. (thks to dmiller)
  57. o Added the BrowserExpire param to the stroke() function (thks to marquonis)
  58. o Fixed a visual bug in the drawBarChart function when the Interleave is 0.
  59. o Corrected a bug in the drawScatterBestFit() function (thks to ares)
  60. o Fixed some bugs with the pie chart functions.
  61. 2.1.1 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  62. o Created the pIndicator class.
  63. o Created the pSurface class.
  64. o Added the drawLabel() function.
  65. o Added the writeScatterLabel() function.
  66. o Added the writeBubbleLabel() function.
  67. o Added the ForceAlpha parameter to the buble chart.
  68. o Added the LabelStacked parameter to the 2D and 3D pie charts.
  69. o Added 2D ring chart support to the pPie class extension.
  70. o Added 3D ring chart support to the pPie class extension.
  71. o Added the autoOutput() method to the pCache class.
  72. o Added some NULL value tests.
  73. o Added the setSerieShape() function to the pData class.
  74. o Added the setAbscissaName() function to the pData class.
  75. o Fixed a bug in the getAverage() function.
  76. o Changed the VOID constant from 0.12345 to 0.123456789.
  77. o Fixed a bug with the number of decimals in the METRIC scale.
  78. o Fixed a visual bug with reversed bar chart labelling.
  79. o Added the ValuePosition & ValuePadding parameters to the pie charts.
  80. o Added the WriteValue parameters to the 2D pie charts.
  81. o Added the getSeriePalette() function to the pData class.
  82. o pData methods can now accept array of serie parameters.
  83. o Fixed a bug in the scatter spline chart VOID values handling.
  84. 2.1.0 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  85. /!\ Renamed the .class files to .class.php.
  86. o Create the pScatter class.
  87. o Added the ScatterPlotChart() charting method.
  88. o Added the ScatterLineChart() charting method.
  89. o Added the ScatterSplineChart() charting method.
  90. o Added the DrawScatterLegend() function.
  91. o Added the getScatterLegendSize() function.
  92. o Added the following function to the pData class :
  93. - setScatterSerie()
  94. - setScatterSerieDescription()
  95. - setScatterSeriePicture()
  96. - setScatterSerieDrawable()
  97. - setScatterSerieTicks()
  98. - setScatterSerieWeight()
  99. - setScatterSerieColor()
  100. o Added a Forces config. array to drawSpline() function to allow parametric
  101. forces. (used by the scatter spline algorithm)
  102. o Added Floating0Serie & Floating0Value options to the drawBarChart function.
  103. o Added the Draw0Line option to the drawBarChart function.
  104. o Added support for line and filled step charts.
  105. o Fixed a visual artifact in the drawGradient() function.
  106. o Fixed a visual artifact in the drawRoundedFilledRectangle() function.
  107. o Fixed a visual artifact in the drawRadar() function.
  108. o Rewritten the example index page.
  109. o Added the Floating parameter to the scaling functions.
  110. o Added the drawBestFit() and drawScatterBestFit() math functions.
  111. 2.0.13 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  112. o Modified the drawScale() function to get the best visual factors.
  113. o Added the BorderAlpha parameter to the drawFilledCircle() function.
  114. o Shipped more examples.
  115. o Fixed a bug in the normalize() function and 0 Values.
  116. o Finally implemented the setSeriePicture() output.
  117. o Added the bubble class extension.
  118. o Added the possibility to have a transparent background to the generated
  119. pictures keeping the alpha channels (thanks to georgi.m)
  120. o Updated the sandbox to support transparent background.
  121. o Added the drawDerivative() function to draw curve slope factor.
  122. o Additional Minor fixes.
  123. 2.0.12 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  124. o Added missing points (VOID) handling for line & spline charts.
  125. o Added customisation options to the drawLegend() function.
  126. o Various additions and enhancements in the sandbox.
  127. o Added the weight series support to the drawSplineChart() function.
  128. o Added the SCALE_MODE_MANUAL scaling method.
  129. 2.0.11 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  130. o Added the AxisBoxRounded, AxisFontName, AxisFontSize parameters to the
  131. radar and polar class.
  132. o Fixed a bug with the axis labels of the radar charts using the STAR layout.
  133. o Fixed a bug in the axis format computing.
  134. o Added the axis format option in the sandbox system.
  135. o Tuned the way the METRIC scales are displayed.
  136. o Fixed a bug with the getWidth(), getHeight().(thanks to SandmanXC)
  137. 2.0.10 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  138. /!\ First public release.
  139. o Fixed a bug in the normalize() function for VOID values.
  140. o Updated the example rendering frontend.
  141. o Updated the sandbox.
  142. 2.0.9 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  143. o Added the sandbox.
  144. o Added the getLegendSize() function.
  145. o Added the SCALE_MODE_ADDALL_START0 scaling method.
  146. o Fixed a bug in the normalize() function.
  147. o Fixed a bug in the computeScale() function.
  148. 2.0.8 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  149. o Corrected a bug in the drawThreshold() function. (thanks to mice32alpha)
  150. o Added rendering options to the writeBounds() function.
  151. o Enhanced the rendering of the drawRoundedFilledRectangle() function.
  152. o Added the setSerieWeight() function to the pData class.
  153. o Fixed a bug in the loadPalette() function.
  154. o Added the 9 palette files. (/palettes)
  155. o Fixed visual artifact in the drawGradientArea() function.
  156. 2.0.7 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  157. o Fixed a cosmetic issue in the stacked area chart function.
  158. o Bar chart with 0 values now appears as a 0 line.
  159. o Zero values are not rendered anymore in stacked bar charts.
  160. o Added the possibility to rotate X axis labels. (LabelRotation)
  161. o Added rendering parameters for skipped X axis values :
  162. $SkippedAxisTicks
  163. $SkippedAxisR
  164. $SkippedAxisG
  165. $SkippedAxisB
  166. $SkippedAxisAlpha
  167. $SkippedTickR
  168. $SkippedTickG
  169. $SkippedTickB
  170. $SkippedTickAlpha
  171. $SkippedInnerTickWidth
  172. $SkippedOuterTickWidth
  173. o Added the ability to draw a background box around text (flat, rounded)
  174. o Added the importFromCSV() method to the pData class.
  175. o Fixed a bug in the min/max computing of the data series with VOID values.
  176. 2.0.6 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  177. o Added setSliceColor() function to the pPie class.
  178. o Added support for stacked area charts.
  179. o Fixed an issue with 3D pie chart labelling.
  180. o Fixed artifacts issues with the 3D pie hidden faces.
  181. o Fixed a bug in the drawPolygon() function.
  182. o Fixed a bug with automatic abscissa labelling.
  183. o Rewritten the delayedLoaded script. (advice of mathbr for compatibility)
  184. 2.0.5 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  185. o Added support for 3D pie charts.
  186. o Enhanced the example rendering. (web)
  187. o Added functionalities on radar charts (proposed by dani Huber)
  188. - SkipLabels to skip any number of labels.
  189. - LabelMiddle to center the labels between the slices.
  190. o Fixed a bug with the palette management.
  191. o Fixed an issue while displaying multiple-line legends.
  192. o Added the delayed loader script in the examples.
  193. 2.0.4 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  194. o Fixed issue with really small data series. (one value)
  195. o Enhanced the example rendering. (batch + web)
  196. o Added the autoOutput() rendering method.
  197. o Made various minor fixes.
  198. 2.0.3 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  199. o Added the autoOutput() function that determine if the picture should be
  200. rendered with the Render() or Stroke() function based on the way the script
  201. is called. (CLI or HTTPD)
  202. o Added the getSum() function to the pData class.
  203. o Added support for 2D pie charts :
  204. - draw2DPie()
  205. - drawPieLegend()
  206. o Fixed angle issue in the drawArrowLabel function.
  207. o While turning AA off, dashed line were not rendered (thanks to mice32alpha)
  208. 2.0.2 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  209. o Fixing some notifications messages with the PHP5.3.x deprecated functions :
  210. - split has been replaced by preg_split.
  211. - ereg has been replaced by preg_match.
  212. o Removed deprecated test with the in_array() function.
  213. 2.0.1 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  214. o First public early adopter release.
  215. 2.0.0 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  216. o Initial release of the v2.0.0 trunk. All primitive functions and some of
  217. the charting functions have been created.