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@model Teknik.Areas.Help.ViewModels.HelpViewModel
@using Teknik.Utilities
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<li><a href="@Url.SubRouteUrl("help", "Help.Index")">Help Index</a></li>
<li class="active"><a href="#">Markdown</a></li>
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<h2>Markdown Formatting</h2>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Markdown</a> turns plain text formatting into fancy HTML formatting.</p>
<h3>Phrase Emphasis</h3>
<pre><code>*italic* **bold**
_italic_ __bold__</code></pre>
<pre><code>An [example]( &quot;Title&quot;)</code></pre>
<p>Reference-style labels (titles are optional):</p>
<pre><code>An [example][id].
Then, anywhere else in the doc, define the link:
[id]: &quot;Title&quot;</code></pre>
<p>Inline (titles are optional):</p>
<pre><code>![alt text](/path/img.jpg &quot;Title&quot;)</code></pre>
<pre><code>![alt text][id]
[id]: /url/to/img.jpg &quot;Title&quot;</code></pre>
<pre><code>Header 1
Header 2
<p>atx-style (closing #'s are optional):</p>
<pre><code># Header 1 #
## Header 2 ##
###### Header 6</code></pre>
<p>Ordered, without paragraphs:</p>
<pre><code>1. Foo
2. Bar</code></pre>
<p>Unordered, with paragraphs:</p>
<pre><code>* A list item.
With multiple paragraphs.
* Bar</code></pre>
<p>You can nest them:</p>
<pre><code>* Abacus
* answer
* Bubbles
1. bunk
2. bupkis
3. burper
* Cunning</code></pre>
<pre><code>&gt; Email-style angle brackets
&gt; are used for blockquotes.
&gt; &gt; And, they can be nested.
&gt; #### Headers in blockquotes
&gt; * You can quote a list.
&gt; * Etc.</code></pre>
<h3>Code Spans</h3>
<pre><code>`&lt;code&gt;` spans are delimited by backticks.
You can include literal backticks like `` `this` ``.</code></pre>
<h3>Preformatted Code Blocks</h3>
<p>Indent every line of a code block by at least 4 spaces or 1 tab.</p>
<pre><code>This is a normal paragraph.
This is a preformatted
code block.</code></pre>
<h3>Horizontal Rules</h3>
<p>Three or more dashes or asterisks:</p>
* * *
- - - - </code></pre>
<h3>Manual Line Breaks</h3>
<p>End a line with two or more spaces:</p>
<pre><code>Roses are red,
Violets are blue.</code></pre>
<h3>Markdown In Html</h3>
<p>Enable markdown in HTML block level elements:</p>
<pre><code>&lt;div markdown=&quot;1&quot;&gt;
Markdown **still** works.
<h3>Fenced Code Blocks</h3>
<p>Code blocks delimited by 3 or more tildas:</p>
This is a preformatted
code block
<h3>Header IDs</h3>
<p>Set the id of headings with <code>{#&lt;id&gt;}</code> at end of heading line:</p>
<pre><code>## My Heading {#myheading}</code></pre>
<pre><code>Fruit |Color
Apples |Red
Pears |Green
Bananas |Yellow</code></pre>
<h3>Definition Lists</h3>
<pre><code>Term 1
: Definition 1
Term 2
: Definition 2</code></pre>
<pre><code>Body text with a footnote [^1]
[^1]: Footnote text here</code></pre>
<pre><code>MDD &lt;- will have title
*[MDD]: MarkdownDeep</code></pre>
<h3>Allowed HTML Tags</h3>
<li>a [href, title, class]</li>
<li>img [src, width, height, alt, title, clas]</li>