10 Commits (e901bbda6d8232b3c3aa1708f5076f63aeb56a6b)

Autor SHA1 Mensagem Data
  Teknikode 0597455180 Removed unused Logout Session manager middleware 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 2c07ba868f Fixed redirect due to unauthorized request. 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode ed0f427f88 Added handling of access denied response from OpenID Connect server 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 7ec30d1e39 Changed auth backend to use Identity Server, and asp.net identities. 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 6047903ee6 Fixed multiple benign warnings 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) 2 anos atrás
  Teknikode 51b4260f3c - Added account status of either active or banned. 3 anos atrás
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. 4 anos atrás
  Teknikode da3d923ab7 - Created custom IPrincipal for the user session to include all the user information. 4 anos atrás