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  Teknikode b642f01246 - Added user helper function to change the account type for a given user. 4年前
  Teknikode 5d27bb9c21 Added upload searching on Administration page. 4年前
  Teknikode da3d923ab7 - Created custom IPrincipal for the user session to include all the user information. 4年前
  Teknikode 17573b5fd3 Changed user 'Index' to be 'ViewProfile' to better match what it actually is. 4年前
  Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. 4年前
  Teknikode 64c584d485 Added basic user search to admin page. 4年前
  Teknikode f472c4f5d7 Added base Admin area. 4年前