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Teknikode 98c99b3336 Added renewals of subscriptions 10 months ago
Teknikode ef5e5cd82a Updated verbage of cancelation 10 months ago
Teknikode 481360b831 Updated billing to cancel at end of billing 10 months ago
Teknikode a82f3bd56d Changed cancel button to red 10 months ago
Teknikode a9000ef6a8 Merge branch 'feature/billing' of https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/Teknik into feature/billing 10 months ago
Teknikode 2bb1a1a500 Added checks for billing enabled. 10 months ago
Teknikode 7954b7f269 Added checks for billing enabled. 10 months ago
Teknikode a706b3836e Removed storage from mail help page 10 months ago
Teknikode 661cc00e69 Merge branch 'feature/billing' of https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/Teknik into feature/billing 10 months ago
Teknikode c9890aed75 Removed unused info. 10 months ago
Teknikode e9f3dceeba Removed unused info. 10 months ago
Teknikode 88f8cec51c Fixed some nomenclature 10 months ago
Teknikode c5bcbadf2a Fixed stats error (removed transactions) 10 months ago
Teknikode d6a2e968e8 Added max storage to service data page 10 months ago
Teknikode 5867d0a4d8 Fixed contact page 10 months ago
Teknikode 0b19411fb6 Fixed subscription sync 10 months ago
Teknikode 999cff2bd2 Added unlinking of User billing customer where orphaned 10 months ago
Teknikode 243db31442 Added bettter UX for managing subscription 10 months ago
Teknikode ed9a94cba1 Added handling of customer deletion 10 months ago
Teknikode 5b4eb2c578 Changed view subscription headers 10 months ago
Teknikode 485f0eb3bc Added portal to main billing settings page 10 months ago
Teknikode 87d06e06cc Added subscription portal 10 months ago
Teknikode 9e9ff1d144 Removed premium account references 10 months ago
Teknikode da8f467297 Removed unused sections 10 months ago
Teknikode 7f1efd40d5 - Updated mail storage to be by bytes. 10 months ago
Teknikode 162a8c5e4e Fixed billing webhook endpoints 10 months ago
Teknikode 4b0c3fa4c1 Fixed vault deletion for admins 11 months ago
Teknikode d6c1548130 Fixed uploads not being deleted for admin roles. 11 months ago
Teknikode 543df28eb7 Added billing/subscriptions 11 months ago
Teknikode 63ef371a4a Implemented loading of pricing/subscription info from stripe 1 year ago
Teknikode dda407743c Reworked subscription page to be more dynamic and better looking 1 year ago
Teknikode c397365d33 Made subscription page data driven 1 year ago
Teknikode 84e41499be WIP billing 1 year ago
Teknikode 3d7fbd6054 Added in memory storage service 1 year ago
Teknikode 2331d1dd9f Implement separate Storage Service to decouple file storage for uploads and pastes 1 year ago
Teknikode 3ffac5959f Added paste file cleanup and error handling 1 year ago
Teknikode ed6133ab52 Updated production publish profiles and identity server footer 1 year ago
Teknikode c19601716c Added 'Premium' badge to navbar if the user is a premium user. 1 year ago
Teknikode d02ed91220 Fixed admin delete commands 1 year ago
Teknikode e41fa8c199 Fixed identity APi responses/management errors 1 year ago
Teknikode 0bc7abed27
Merge pull request #17 from Teknikode/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/IdentityServer/ini-1.3.7 1 year ago
Teknikode 6ebc3a81fe
Merge pull request #29 from Teknikode/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/IdentityServer/hosted-git-info-2.8.9 1 year ago
Teknikode 8bd45e2306
Merge pull request #23 from Teknikode/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/IdentityServer/y18n-3.2.2 1 year ago
Teknikode b17d916df4 Migrated Identity Server 3 -> 4 and upgraded nuget/npm packages 1 year ago
Teknikode a7a8c5499b Fixed infalid config references in Service Worker 1 year ago
Teknikode 852f17c2ac Fixed migration issues and cleaned up startup 1 year ago
Teknikode 3a6d4df991 Moved most middleware to common library 1 year ago
Teknikode 1757f04787 Fixed routing not matching default values 1 year ago
Teknikode ff07909d0a Fixed possible null sub attribute 1 year ago
Teknikode daa9d65704 Updated npm packages 1 year ago