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  Teknikode 76d1f1c82e Modified file adding/editing for podcasts. пре 5 година
  Teknikode 886b36cbf1 Removed validations as they aren't working for subdomains. пре 5 година
  Teknikode 90001e3e48 Added bootstrap switch to checkboxes and added view of settings for upload on upload screen. пре 5 година
  Teknikode a68e7cca02 Split user settings into multiple objects. пре 5 година
  Teknikode fcf8c9bc1a Fixed multiple exceptions. пре 5 година
  Teknikode 17f21194da Fixed profile bugs пре 5 година
  Teknikode 994be5a459 Added user profile and edit/delete. пре 5 година