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Teknikode 21a3a31f02 Removed tracking attributes from all files. 4年前
Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. 4年前
Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) 4年前
Teknikode cbe5078b9d - Added Basic Auth handling inside the auth attributes 5年前
Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. 5年前
Teknikode 0f96025d48 Added Tracking Filter to only those actions that need it. 6年前
Teknikode 5fb06265b3 Simplified the SubdomainRoute to allow a single route to specify multiple subdomains. 6年前
Teknikode fc2e12e290 Think I got subdomains working. 7年前