350 Commits (04c2e657ab2a2ee5ff13ec1624439034048e8d11)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Teknikode 04c2e657ab Changed paste to use backend syntax highlighting by pygments instead of a JS method. 5 years ago
  Teknikode e1ed311880 Fixed Common scripts not being loaded for simple paste view 5 years ago
  Teknikode 15393324b0 Fixed CORs issues with running web workers. Changed URLs for workers and scripts imported inside workers to Blob URLs. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 90c5f7d5c2 Fixed blog post editing/creating putting you on a bad url after submit. 5 years ago
  Teknikode d3c1d7187b Updated framework target to 4.6.2 5 years ago
  Teknikode f5035b5ab7 Fixed url for API in help 5 years ago
  Teknikode 0eece43f01 Updated nuget packages 5 years ago
  Teknikode b534f25d62 Added redbubble icon and redbubble marketplace. 5 years ago
  Teknikode ddcba23ae9 Updated version to 2.0.4 5 years ago
  Teknikode 0beff458b9 Remade navbar logo use full filename for cache 5 years ago
  Teknikode 2d30e33949 Added Cdn generation to SubRouteUrl. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 8b22b22d23 Added cacheing of the config. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 4ec159e753 Added cdn config options and made bundle extension more generic. 5 years ago
  Teknikode aef087a890 Adding initial attempt at connecting to CDN 5 years ago
  Teknikode 430e274280 Merge branch 'master' of http://git.teknik.io/teknikode/teknik.git 5 years ago
  Teknikode 3215fdc230 Added tool list help page and referenced it on Upload and Paste pages. 5 years ago
  Uncled1023 286058cd27 Merge branch 'master' of suun/Teknik into master 5 years ago
  suun 000337116c Fix Misspelling 5 years ago
  Teknikode 8d270bfcc1 Fixed button links not being proper (Button link, not a link of a button) 5 years ago
  Teknikode bafb11bb6d Fixed redirect for blog posts not working right 5 years ago
  Teknikode 5040f98cf6 Fixed not being able to edit main blog 5 years ago
  Teknikode 667ef65682 Changed images to be in the image folder, and css to be in Content. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 23b6e61efc Changed blog add/edit posts to use separate pages instead of modal popups. Also added editor helpers. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 563ff86c3a Added initial reference to MarkdownDeep Client. 5 years ago
  Teknikode a8c17ad109 Fixed user auth cookie not using the real username, but the one passed in from the model. 5 years ago
  Uncled1023 bbb819c1ad Changed gratipay link to point to team 5 years ago
  Teknikode a55d9f5923 Updated readme formatting 5 years ago
  Teknikode ce12758c7d Added comments 5 years ago
  Teknikode 3712d0db68 Removed donation info from the about page. 5 years ago
  Teknikode b0472d852f Added auto-select to the bitcoin address 5 years ago
  Teknikode 6ff2f5554c Added donation info to footer. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 0c71949223 Added imap/pop3 info to main sections 5 years ago
  Teknikode a9177d7412 Added port numbers to imap and pop3 5 years ago
  Teknikode 4bf83d22bd Changed git link to https 5 years ago
  Teknikode 3d5e2a359d Added checking of email/git accounts and re-adding them if they do not exist. (All for one, and one for all) 5 years ago
  Teknikode 031e68e0f6 Fixed issue where editing a password would remove your login_name from git (breaking logins) 5 years ago
  Teknikode 683631e4bf Added requirement of ssl for cookies and anti-forgery token 5 years ago
  Teknikode 53d6fc1628 Added anti-forgery tokens to user account related requests. Unable to add to login/registration due to cross-domain support for the login/registration form. 5 years ago
  Teknikode f039a81925 Made global logo a route to the actual file. 5 years ago
  Teknikode e9b913d4cb Moved unauth handler to function call 5 years ago
  Teknikode 6f42eaaf08 Added custom authentication attribute to redirect to Login for unauthorized access. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 25b07d0896 Added clearing of trusted devices, and showing of current count of trusted devices. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 7aaa5e922b Fixed some characters not being allowed as Paste passwords. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 140d0a0371 Renamed trusted devices setting. 5 years ago
  Teknikode e1c8d426df Moved user transfer to once login auth passed, but before two factor. Also moved last seen. 5 years ago
  Teknikode d0fd245076 Fixed ordering of Blog and Podcast RSS feeds. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 78b80b1ff3 Fixed missing Helper usings. 5 years ago
  Teknikode fbbf460b0b Added auto focus to code inputs 5 years ago
  Teknikode 000f977dfe Added trusted device support for Two Factor authentication. 5 years ago
  Teknikode 011e737846 Added user device skafolding 5 years ago