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Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  Teknikode 01a735bb62 Fixed 'shortened' subdomain not routing correctly пре 2 година
  Teknikode 99c5b52deb Fixed name of Delete by key view пре 2 година
  Teknikode 93fc385f0b Added separate page for viewing service data. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 179a27dd26 - Added client management to user's settings page. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 933fb9d4cd Added service worker for handling routine tasks outside the scope of the main site. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 80f14fd1f1 Updated nuget packages пре 2 година
  Teknikode 0f7c912390 Modified pastes to save content to encrypted files instead of saving to the DB. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 2799aac959 Fixed error handling пре 2 година
  Teknikode ed0f427f88 Added handling of access denied response from OpenID Connect server пре 2 година
  Teknikode 68b3f04a11 Moved Identity Server to it's own solution пре 2 година
  Teknikode 91108e2c31 Fixed 404/403 errors redirecting to error page instead of loading it within the same Request context to keep URL intact. пре 2 година
  Teknikode 62e4476897 Added Identity Server for authentication пре 2 година
  Teknikode 7ec30d1e39 Changed auth backend to use Identity Server, and asp.net identities. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 50e16d87cb Fixed line highlighting пре 3 година
  Teknikode 712833c9d7 Added prism line numbering and line highlight as separate files пре 3 година
  Teknikode 4092bb27b7 Added prism.js as a syntax highlighter пре 3 година
  Teknikode d401cd3f36 Added setting of case sensitive annotation for properties пре 3 година
  Teknikode b2902d7090 Made sure all cookies were strict and https only пре 3 година
  Teknikode 39d875e4cf Changed cache expiry to be long пре 3 година
  Teknikode 7fda3e3269 Fixed upload js not building correctly. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 175eaa4762 Added client side cache for static files. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 364898c8c5 Removed all instances of glyphicons пре 3 година
  Teknikode b674590b8c Fixed formatting of blog/vault editors. пре 3 година
  Teknikode f356e35b03 Added syntax highlighting to vaults пре 3 година
  Teknikode 767b833cc5 Modified HMailService to use common initiator for deleting accounts пре 3 година
  Teknikode 43be6c4694 Added syntax highlighting for pastes w/ backwards? support. пре 3 година
  Teknikode bb4dec62a1 Merge branch 'core' of https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/Teknik into core пре 3 година
  Teknikode 9093c0f699 Added security headers, and file download last modified/content type. пре 3 година
  Uncled1023 ad40f5a39c Modified install and build instructions to include more detail пре 3 година
  Uncled1023 bc6b126d9d Fixed type in readme пре 3 година
  Teknikode 21a3a31f02 Removed tracking attributes from all files. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 2691501750 Fixed error handling page not using correct routes when generating URLs пре 3 година
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 7bc180164a Added new build config as build badge пре 3 година
  Teknikode a8862503ac Added Runtime Identifiers to all projects пре 3 година
  Teknikode 83801357be Added git version tracking to file, and modified footer to load from that file (not the assembly) пре 3 година
  Teknikode fae5666599 Added build message to readme пре 3 година
  Teknikode 7f4a741d90 Updated global sdk version пре 3 година
  Teknikode 2a02ca3b32 Updated gulp and bundle config to have relative paths пре 3 година
  Teknikode faafb86a41 Updated ReadMe пре 3 година
  Teknikode 597b77b45d Added global.json to specify required SDK version пре 3 година
  Teknikode af6ffcaf6d Fixed logo and favicon loading. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 3294053082 Added build and gulp scripts to npm пре 3 година
  Teknikode 6047903ee6 Fixed multiple benign warnings пре 3 година
  Teknikode e795043aef Modified Gulp file to also bundle and minify based on the bundle config пре 3 година
  Teknikode f5d1f94eef - Added Git Service. пре 3 година
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) пре 3 година
  Teknikode 2980817d57 Fixed upload API malware scan not using correcct max upload size пре 3 година
  Uncled1023 1299ef58cf Fixed max clamAV stream size пре 3 година
  Teknikode 6c5def43a8 Fixed max upload size not taking into account basic/premium пре 3 година