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  Teknikode 175eaa4762 Added client side cache for static files. 1 year ago
  Teknikode 0a9ba75dcb Added .net core Piwik library. 1 year ago
  Teknikode 5eb45263d9 Ported existing projects to Asp.Net Core (Except ServerMaint) 1 year ago
  Teknikode 3009e308f8 Updated Privacy Policy: 2 years ago
  Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. 2 years ago
  Teknikode 6a8dc3c066 Fixed privacy policy 3 years ago
  Teknikode 3e2551d1fb Added more info to privacy page. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 26b9284f77 Added Piwik tracking to the server side. 3 years ago
  Teknikode 22c75ccf8a Updated Privacy Policy to match new auth 3 years ago
  Teknikode 834715e643 Updated Privacy Policy 3 years ago
  Teknikode 69d1f46234 Removed Config from ViewBag and added to ViewModelBase. 3 years ago
  Teknikode e4130a1b59 Fixed bad formatting of default email 3 years ago
  Teknikode 6fd2360cf7 Added Privacy and Contact pages 3 years ago