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Teknik is a suite of services with attractive and functional interfaces.
## Features
* File Upload w/ encryption
* File Upload w/ client side encryption
* Album Support
* Pastebin
* URL Shortening
* Blogs
* Git Repositories
* Git Integration (Gitea)
* Podcasts
* Easy to use API
* Flexible installation and configuration
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## Requirements
In order to run Teknik on your server, you'll need:
* IIS 7+ with URL Rewrite module or Apache with `mod_rewrite` enabled (Requires conversion of `web.config` files)
* .NET Framework 4.6.2
* MS SQL Server
* hMailServer (If running email as well)
* IIS 7+, Nginx, or Apache
* [.NET Core 2.1 Runtime]( (Or SDK if building the src)
* A SQL Server (MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite)
* [hMailServer]( (If running email service)
* [Gitea]( (If you want to have Git integration)
* Web Mail Client (If you would like to have webmail)
* Gogs Service (If you want to have Git integration)
## Installation
* Clone the Teknik repository to your web root directory, or anywhere else you want to run Teknik from
cd /var/www
git clone
* Open the `Teknik.sln` file to build the project
* Copy the build files to your `wwwroot` directory
* Create a `ConnectionStrings.config` file in the `App_Data` directory and fill it with the following template and put in your SQL server connection details
* Set up Asp.Net Core to work with your system of choice - [Instructions](
* Download the latest release for your system - [Releases](
* Copy the files to your local web root directory.
* Create a `ConnectionStrings.config` file in the `App_Data` directory and fill it with the following template and put in your SQL server connection details.
<add name="TeknikEntities"
connectionString="Data Source=<server name>,<port>\<sql server name>;Initial Catalog=<database>;Integrated Security=False;User Id=<username>;Password=<password>" />
connectionString="<Sql Server Connection String>" />
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That's it, installation complete! If you're having problems, let us know through the [Contact]( page.
## Building
### Linux
* Clone the Teknik repository to a directory of your choosing.
cd ~
mkdir src
cd ./src
git clone
* Install Node.js (Includes npm).
* Run the npm build script `npm run build`.
* This will install, move, bundle, and minify all the client side assets (JavaScript, CSS, Fonts, and Images).
* To see exactly what happens or to modify the bui;d. look at the `gulpfile.js` file.
* Run dotnet publish from the root directory of the repo to build and package the app into the release publish directory (for example: ./Teknik/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/publish).
dotnet publish --configuration Release
* Copy the files in the publish directory to where you want to run the website from.
* Test the website:
* In the directory conatining the published files, run `dotnet Teknik.dll`
* In a browser, open http://localhost:5000/?sub=www
## Authors and contributors
* [Chris Woodward]( (Creator, Developer)
* [dronedaddy]( (Logo Designer)