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syntax_aliases pyj:py recipe:py
pygments_style default
num_context_lines 3
diff_cmd auto
replace_tab_by \x20\x20\x20\x20
foreground black
background white
title_fg black
title_bg white
margin_bg #fafbfc
margin_fg #aaaaaa
removed_bg #ffeef0
highlight_removed_bg #fdb8c0
removed_margin_bg #ffdce0
added_bg #e6ffed
highlight_added_bg #acf2bd
added_margin_bg #cdffd8
filler_bg #fafbfc
hunk_margin_bg #dbedff
hunk_bg #f1f8ff
search_bg #444
search_fg white
select_bg #B4D5FE
select_fg black
map q quit
map esc quit
map j scroll_by 1
map k scroll_by -1
map down scroll_by 1
map up scroll_by -1
map home scroll_to start
map end scroll_to end
map page_down scroll_to next-page
map page_up scroll_to prev-page
map space scroll_to next-page
map n scroll_to next-change
map p scroll_to prev-change
map a change_context all
map = change_context default
map + change_context 5
map - change_context -5
map / start_search regex forward
map ? start_search regex backward
map . scroll_to next-match
map , scroll_to prev-match
map > scroll_to next-match
map < scroll_to prev-match
map f start_search substring forward
map b start_search substring backward