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use epm
use util
use config
use module
fn ls [@a]{ e:exa --group-directories-first -s Name $@a }
fn xqt [a]{ e $E:XBPS_DISTDIR/srcpkgs/$a/template }
fn xr [@a]{ sudo xbps-remove -R $@a }
-exports- = [&]
use theme
use completers
use stack
-exports- = (module:exported $stack:)
util:add-before-readline {
util:set-title (tilde-abbr $pwd) >/dev/tty
util:add-after-readline [a]{
if (eq $a '') { print "\r" >/dev/tty; ls >/dev/tty }
util:set-title (splits ' ' $a | take 1)' '(tilde-abbr $pwd) >/dev/tty
set-env GPG_TTY (tty)