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win=$(bspc query -N -n .hidden.window)
n=$(for w in $win; do
name=$(xprop -id "$w" WM_CLASS 2>/dev/null | sed -r 's/.+ "(.+)"$/\1/')
title=$(xprop -id "$w" WM_NAME 2>/dev/null | sed -r 's/.+ "(.+)"$/\1/')
[ "$name" = "WM_CLASS" ] && echo "node $w" || echo "$name \"$title\""
done | rofi -dmenu -no-custom -format i -p 'Unhide: ')
if [ -n "$n" ]; then
id=$(echo "$win" | sed -n "$((n+1))p")
bspc node "$id" -d focused
bspc node "$id" -g hidden=off