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bspc monitor -d 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
bspc config border_width 1
bspc config window_gap 3
bspc config split_ratio 0.5
bspc config removal_adjustment false
bspc config borderless_monocle true
bspc config gapless_monocle true
bspc config focus_follows_pointer true
bspc config click_to_focus button1
bspc rule -a Firefox desktop=^2
bspc rule -a mpv state=floating
bspc rule -a Peek state=floating
bspc rule -a kittyfloat state=floating
bspc rule -a TelegramDesktop desktop=^3
bspc rule -a Hexchat desktop=^3
bspc rule -a Ripcord desktop=^3
bspc rule -a Steam desktop=^4 state=floating